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Implementation Strategy

Core Strategy

  • Create an open government of communication and collaboration with citizens that continually works toward the happiness of all
  • Establish a creative organizational culture to facilitate change and innovation
  • Actively engage in urban regeneration and marketing to create a top city brand

Five Innovations

  • Economic Innovation
  • Safety Innovation
  • Decentralization Innovation
  • Education Innovation
  • Public Service Innovation

Five Goals

Five Goals
Creative Economy
  • Establish the city as a leader of Creative Economy nationwide
  • Effectively implement the “ Job Creation Program”
  • Increase the competitiveness of the regional economy through the refinement of key industries
  • Create future growth engines through the exploration of new industries
  • Create “blue oceans” by developing high-tech medical industries
  • Build a “livable” city by supporting the livelihoods of people in low-income brackets
Cultural Enrichment
  • Further establish a global educational city that nurtures dream and talents
  • Foster a cultural city in which people can enjoy culture in their daily lives and experience the joy of creating
  • Promote a global festival brand based on the unique characteristics of Daegu
  • Realize “culture-nomics” through the convergence of culture and industry
  • Identify various tourism resources to promote tourism
  • Improve sports facilities for younger citizens to promote citizen health
Safety & Welfare
  • Build a safe city where citizens feel secure
  • Construct a unique welfare and safety network
  • Ensure the healthy lives of the elderly
  • Establish a city that is comfortable and easily accessible for citizens with disabilities
  • Create a city where women and children thrive
  • Provide health services to improve the quality of life of all citizens
Green Environment
  • Build a green city of woods and lakes
  • Realize a clean and eco-friendly city
  • Implement urban planning that meets the unique needs of Daegu citizens
  • Offer safe and convenient transportation for citizens
Governance through Communication
  • Realize municipal administration that serves the needs of its citizens
  • Promote a city government that is trusted by citizens
  • Create an environment in which civil employees can work more efficiently
  • Promote the happiness of citizens through decentralization and collaboration for mutual prosperity