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Vision and Goals


Building a City
of Happy Citizens
Keeping its citizens in mind when making its every policy decision, Daegu Metropolitan City continues to explore and establish innovative policies that have a deep impact on its citizens, thereby creating a citizen-centered city that values the happiness of all.
Growing as
a Creative City
By encouraging innovation and the capabilities of its citizens, Daegu Metropolitan City aims to establish itself as a creative city full of vigor and vibrant vitality, boldly stepping into the future.


Creative Economy

Capitalizing on its strengths—its cluster of R&D institutions, solid industrial structure that nurtures SMEs, and abundance of quality manpower—Daegu Metropolitan City is a leader of the Creative Economy and continues to grow as a prosperous city that focuses on the economy and the employment of the city’s youth.

Cultural Enrichment

Daegu Metropolitan City is a city of culture and education that fully supports cultural and artistic activities, promotes a high quality of life, fosters a healthy leisure life for citizens, and offers creative educational programs that nurture the dreams and talents of its people.

Safety & Welfare

Following a complete overhaul of its disaster response system and the establishment of preventive safety measures, Daegu Metropolitan City has established a unique welfare society in which citizens can lead healthy, secure, and prosperous lives.

Green Environment

Through the harmonious development of land, preservation of the natural environment, and the construction of ecological parks, Daegu Metropolitan City continues to create green, creative, and innovative urban spaces marked by clean and eco-friendly environments.

Governance through Communication

By listening to the diverse voices of the city’s people and reflecting them in its municipal administration, Daegu Metropolitan City aims to build a transparent, reliable, and open municipality that is governed by the citizens, for the citizens.