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Daegu to Establish a Full-Cycle Support System for Autonomous Driving Technology
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Establishment of a full-cycle support system for autonomous driving technology and laying the base to support the commercialization of the technology


  Growing as an advanced model for the great transformation of the automotive industry, Daegu Metropolitan City has established itself as a city of “self-driving cars,” which is the cream of the crop of new digital convergence technology, and completing a sustainable technological support system.


Autonomous Vehicle Test Driving Site



As the autonomous vehicle market is expected to face a period of rapid growth in the near future, more and more companies are entering the market. IHS Markit, an international automotive market information provider, predicted that the global autonomous vehicle sales will surge from 51,000 in 2021 to 33.7 million in 2040 and that the market size will also increase from KRW 221 trillion in 2020 to KRW 1.35 quadrillion in 2035. Boston Consulting Group, a global management consulting firm, also analyzed that autonomous vehicles will be responsible for a quarter of the distance traveled by passengers in the United States in 2030.


Daegu Metropolitan City had already built research infrastructure from the initial phase of the autonomous vehicle industry. In 2014, the city established an ITS-based intelligent car test driving site during the preliminary feasibility study project titled “Establishment of the Research Basis for the Commercialization of Intelligent Vehicles (2010-2014)” and built autonomous driving demonstration infrastructure in the entrance to Technopolis in 2017 as part of the “Self-Driving Core Technology Development Project.” Afterward, as part of the government’s Digital New Deal, Daegu National Industrial Complex and Daegu Technopolis have been turned into the first central complexes for businesses to perform demonstrative research in South Korea, equipped with the necessary conditions and environment for a full-cycle support system, from the development to commercialization of autonomous driving-related technologies.


In particular, with the promotion of the paid and free autonomous driving service for the early commercialization of the autonomous vehicle industry in Daegu, autonomous vehicle industry has been strengthening its position as a major local industry. Suseong Alpha City, which has already built infrastructure for autonomous driving, has been the center of active service for the demonstration of autonomous driving technologies with the trial operation of self-driving bus Solati, which was developed as part of the inter-ministerial project with Giga Korea; Spring Car, an autonomous vehicle developed by the autonomous driving mobility service provider SpringCloud; and driverless shuttle Kamo, developed by the Korea Autonomous Technology Institute with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.


With these efforts, Suseong Alpha City, Technopolis, and the Daegu National Industrial Complex have been selected as “trial zones for the operation of self-driving cars,” promoted by the Ministry of Land and Infrastructure. In these zones, private companies can obtain special permits to demonstrate autonomous driving technologies in terms of business operation while receiving fees from riders. A shuttle bus service is expected to be provided at Suseong Alpha City, while demand-response taxi service will be provided to Technopolis and the National Industrial Complex. Depending on the progress and demand of the services, the demonstration zones will be expanded in the future.


Daegu Metropolitan City is continuing to implement powerful policies to complete the construction of a testbed for autonomous driving technology. Through the “5G-based Demonstration Platform Project for Autonomous Driving Convergence Technology” which began with the support of the Industry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and the “Project for the Establishment of the Demonstration Platform for Future Car Digital Convergence Industry,” which will be implemented as part of the Digital New Deal, the city plans to create a world-class environment for the demonstration and research of autonomous driving technologies. Daegu, in particular, is home to numerous car parts manufacturers, and therefore with the establishment of a support center for autonomous driving convergence technology for local companies, which will offer a comprehensive research facilities and testbed for such technologies, the city plans to improve the technological maturity and perfection of self-driving cars