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“This Year, the Entire World Noticed the Great Spirit of Daegu and the Power of Its People”
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Mayor Kwon Young-jin, “This year, the entire world noticed the great spirit of Daegu and the power of its people.”


Looks back on the five key points of COVID-19 prevention measures in Daegu and major five accomplishments, including the “confirmation of the site for the relocation of Daegu Airport,” that will become the basis for future growth


 On December 28, Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin, who led the city’s administration in the face of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic this year, remarked, “2020 was a painful and difficult year, but it was a year that helped us see the great spirit of Daegu and the infinite potential of its people who did not falter in the face of a major crisis.”


Through the New Year’s greetings and booklet of administrative achievements titled “Daegu Again!” distributed by Daegu Metropolitan City in lieu of the annual end of the year press conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Kwon expressed his gratitude and respect at the year’s end to the people of Daegu for their efforts.


Kwon also stated, “It was the great people and spirit of Daegu, including the sacrifices of the medical staff and volunteers, who protected Daegu from the COVID-19 pandemic in the beginning of the year, when hundreds of people were contracting the virus. Due to the efforts of the members of our community, Daegu became a city that overcame the pandemic in the shortest amount of time in the world and a city that became the first to create the COVID-19 prevention models that have now become the standard throughout the world.”


He added, The wishes of citizens who were united in the process of overcoming the crisis led to major achievements that will become the basis for Daegu’s future growth, including the confirmation of the relocation site for Daegu Airport, selection of the site for a major reform of the industrial complex and a leading district for a special urban convergence zone, and the designation of a mobile cobot regulation-free zone. With the ability to overcome crisis woven into the DNA of Daegu that is manifested when local communities and the country are faced with difficulties, we now have the power to act and change the future ourselves.”


Regarding the achievements that Daegu has made this year, Kwon named five in the area of prevention and five in administrative activities.


First, in the prevention area, the five achievements included: ① creation of a new manual to address the COVID-19 pandemic; ② introduction of the first community treatment center; ③ adoption of the first drive-thru testing site; ④ the first successful citizen-participatory disease prevention; and ⑤ the spirit and the basics of the success of “Daegu’s prevention” that made it possible for the city to overcome the crisis and to surmount the current spread of the pandemic.


The five administrative achievements were: ① confirmation of the relocation site for Daegu Airport; ② selection of the site for a major reform of the industrial complex; ③ the new 5+1 industries that shone in the face of the crisis; ④ major innovation of the spatial structure; and ⑤ the establishment of the foothold for reform for Daegu by attracting the largest amount of central government funding ever.