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Daegu Tourism Selected for the Korea Total Tourism Package Project
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Comprehensive tourism information to be provided about Daegu in organic connection with the local airport, local tourist hubs, and transportation system


Daegu Metropolitan City has been selected for the 2021 Korea Total Tourism Package (KTTP) project, overseen by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The project, participated by various related government agencies, connect a major local airport with local tourism, shopping and other experiences, and accommodation.


Of the five regions in close proximity to an airport—Daegu, Busan, Gangwon-do, Chungju, and Jeollanam-do—Daegu and Jeollanam-do were selected for this project. For this project, Daegu has secured approximately KRW 17.7 billion (KRW 10.8 billion from the government; KRW 1.5 billion from the city; KRW 5.1 billion from counties and districts; aand KRW 300 million from Korea Airports Corporation) to  establish a foothold for a significant development of the city’s tourism.


Last year, South Korea’s tourism showed the largest growth ever, attracting 17.5 million foreign tourists. However, most entered the country via Incheon International Airport and were concentrated in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, resulting in poor use of tourism resources in other regions. In addition, major tourism initiatives and projects lacked synergy, as they were individually promoted.


In an effort to resolve these issues, the South Korean government launched the Korea Total Tourism Package project. The project would help foreign tourists to be dispersed to regions other than Seoul and Gyeonggi-d by providing comprehensive tourism information, from entry via airport and transportation to accommodation, sights, and food, as well as other events and content through organic connection to the local airport, regional tourist hubs, and transportation system. Through “smart” provision of information using 5G, Daegu can meet various tourism demands within the region.


Through this project, Daegu plans to establish an advanced comprehensive tourism model and use it to become a global tourism city by focusing on 33 projects (eight core projects, 14 linked projects, four existing projects, and seven support projects) in five areas (entry via local airport, transportation system, tourist content, tourism base, and tourism service).


Jegal Jin-su, the director of tourism for Daegu remarked, “It is time for us to shift the paradigm from diffusing the concentration of foreign tourists in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do to other regions to creating new tourism demand in Daegu and nearby cities by attracting tourists to Daegu Airport.” He added, “As Daegu was selected to participate in this project, we will promote Daegu’s Total Tourism Package (DTTP) and drastically improve the city’s tourism, including 5Go (jago [sleep], meokgo [eat], bogo [see], sago [shop], and jeulgigo [enjoy]) and 3 alpha (guide, transportation, and service), to become a global tourism city in the post-COVID era.”