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A space that exceeds imagination: Daegu Knowledge Factory to open doors
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Opening ceremony to be held online on Dec. 18 (Fri) at 11 am


Daegu Metropolitan City will be hosting an online opening ceremony on December 18 for Daegu Knowledge Factory (DKF), an open, innovation-based intellectual space that aims to revitalize local communities, realize social values, and encourage citizens of all ages to plan and operate their own opportunities for learning.


The DKF was constructed with a state grant of KRW 510 million for Daegu Metropolitan City’s designation by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety to carry out a project to revitalize local infrastructure. The total budget for the shared learning space, which was built on the site of the former Gyeongbuk Provincial Police School and is expected to cater closely to local needs, was KRW 1.2 billion.


The ceremony, which is being held online to prevent the spread of COVID-19, will be broadcast live on December 18 (from 11 am) via “Dalgubeol No.1,” Daegu Metropolitan City’s YouTube channel on lifelong learning. The ceremony will include a video screening that shows how DKF was built (“Past, Present, and Future”) and congratulatory video messages from figures in various social sectors. A view of the inside of DKF will be shown along with a cover dance video by ARTBEAT, a popular Korean YouTuber.


The blueprint for DKF’s spatial layout and administrative operation were created in 2019 through a consigned study on the local community’s activities and capabilities. Remodeling of the building began in April, with a trial operation begun in October that included space rentals to private organizations and creators and the “What Are You Doing Schoo” a participatory community in which citizens are responsible for both teaching and learning. DKF will begin regular operations in January 2021.


DKF, which is housed in an annex of Daegu City Hall, will be working with the Daegu Lifelong Learning Institute (to be launched in 2021) to carry out diverse educational projects for citizens. It will be employing “learning curators” to offer professional consultations year-round on lifelong learning as well as providing educational resources/data. DKF will also be recruiting “knowledge sellers” to operate the citizen-led learning community, with Dalgubeol No.1 providing online educational content so that all citizens do not have to worry about learning interruptions.


All Daegu residents are eligible to rent one of DKF’s diverse studios (each equipped with video equipment, educational materials, etc.), classrooms or conference rooms. Rental applications can be submitted through Hakseuptong (Daegu Metropolitan City’s lifelong learning portal). DKF will be open on weekdays from 9:00 through 18:00 and on an as-needed basis on weekday evenings or weekends/holidays.


To improve its ability to preemptively adopt learning formats conducive to the post-COVID-19 era, Daegu Metropolitan City will be expanding the scope of its contactless educational programs. DKF will also be used as a bridgehead for creating jobs for middle-aged citizens that combine on-site work with learning.


Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin said, “Daegu Knowledge Factory is an experimental space for members of the Daegu community to interact with one another. I hope it becomes a place that breathes new life into our city where citizens from various walks of life feel free to come together to share their knowledge and experiences.”