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Daegu City Successfully Hosts 2020 Hello Medicity Daegu International B2B Trade Fair Online
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54 buyers and companies from China, Russia, Vietnam participate 

Daegu City achieved resounding success by conducting 200 rounds of B2B consultations during its 2020 Hello Medicity Daegu International B2B Online Trade Fair, which was held at EXCO December 1-4. The achievement is all the more noteworthy because the event took place remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The Online Trade Fair replaced the annual Hello Medicity Daegu Overseas PR Briefing, which had been held since 2018 under the joint marketing sponsorship of Daegu’s leading medical centers and other interested companies. The trade fair, the first online event of its kind in the field of medical tourism, offered valuable opportunities for attendees to support their overseas promotion activities in the face of the challenges and difficulties created by COVID-19.  

At the event, nineteen local hospitals and companies participated, offering 200 one-on-one business counseling sessions with 34 overseas buyers from regional participant countries. Foreign attendees—sixteen from China, seven from Vietnam, five each from Russia and Mongolia, and two from Japan—provided extremely positive feedback, indicating that the results were highly satisfactory.

During the trade fair, Kyungpook National University Hospital, representing Gyeongsangbuk-do province, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang (China) University’s School of Medicine to promote a joint program for on-the-job-training for doctors and an overall people-to-people exchange, while agreeing to further detailed discussions on methods to strengthen cooperation. Youngnam University Medical Center also committed to reaching an agreement with Venus Medi Tour of Mongolia for expansion of medical tourism and to attract foreign patients. In addition, management from All4Skin Korea presented a multilateral online medical informational session connecting participants from the All4Skin dermatology clinic, a Shanghai-based hosting company and a potential client. Each advanced medical institution also led in-depth consulting sessions addressing on-the-job training and exchange programs, as well as on reaching an MOU.

During the trade fair, the CEO of the Chinese firm NI-AGE Information Technology Co., Ltd.  signed purchasing contracts with Oasis Korea and Cobybio. Xian Feibi Healthcare Co.,Ltd. and agreed to support Korean cosmetics and medicinal herb companies in acquiring China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) certification, greatly promoting Korean companies’ future access to the Chinese market. Further, as a reflection of the high interest in hair and eyelash transplant tools in China, Ohdae Metal signed a joint venture accord with a Chinese company and agreed to conduct pilot training programs once the pandemic ends.  

Baek Dong-hyun, director of Daegu City’s Innovation and Growth Department, stated that “the recent event has proved that there is hope for more active overseas business for the medical tourism and related industries, which have faced a downturn during the coronavirus pandemic.” He added, “Daegu City will continue to hold online trade fairs and develop diverse remote meeting content to support local hospitals and relevant institutions in conducting overseas business.”