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Travel Back in Time to the 1950s Daegu through the “Hyangchon-dong Renaissance Tour”
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Main program to be offered in Hyangchon-dong during the Daegu Travel Week from November 1 to 15


  Looking for a great retro vibe? Why don’t you take the time machine to travel back in time to the Bukseong-ro, known as “Hip-seong-ro” in Daegu?





Bukseong-ro in Hyangchon-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, where numerous artists had gathered after the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, has become a retro cultural space, ready to welcome the tourists.


In order to remember Hyangchon-dong from the 1950s Korean Renaissance, which served as a nourishment for Daegu’s culture today, the Daegu Metropolitan City will offer Hyangchon Renaissance Tour for 14 days from November 1 to 15.


Through a number of programs involving a modern interpretation of the works of artist Lee Jung-seob and poet Ku Sang by young artists based in Daegu, the tour provides various exhibitions and performances by local artists along the old streets of Hyangchon-dong for the tourists, dressed in clothes from the early 1900s.


In particular, the main program “Mission Stamp Tour” allows visitors to explore the 1950s Daegu by visiting café Kkotjari Dabang where poet Ku Sang had released Choto-ui si (Wasteland poems), café Baeknok Dabang (present-day Gallery Motel) where artist Lee Jung-seob used to sit in a corner and draw on tin foil, Nokhyang (Hyangchon Cultural Center) which was the first music listening room in Korea that opened in 1946, Daegu Branch of Joseon Siksan Bank (Daegu Modern History Museum) built in 1932, and the Renaissance Music Alley (from Pan Korea Restaurant to The Pollack Alley). In addition, each location offers exciting missions for visitors to enjoy and take photos (to post on social media) to receive souvenirs, providing a fun and memorable experience.


Details of the various programs held in Hyangchon Renaissance during the Daegu Travel Week can be found on the Official Daegu Tourism Blog “Do It Yourself Daegu Road.” Discounts are available for those who register online for the tours.

  ※ Registration for the Hyangchon Renaissance Tour: Http://


The events will be held safely in keeping with the various COVID-19 prevention measures, such as wearing masks.