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A Festival of Great Fun and Great Flavors: Daegu Yangjnyeongsi Youth Market “Cheongchun Danjang” Opens
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Opening on October 30 with cafes, restaurants, and shops, Cheongchun Danjang is expected to vitalize Yangnyeongsi

Come for a day of healing at the Yangnyeongsi Youth Market full of things to see, taste, and enjoy!


On October 30, Daegu Yangnyeongsi’s youth market “Cheongchun Danjang” will begin its operation to vitalize Yangnyeongsi and support startups for youths.


The youth market will be opening in the Herbal Medical Experience Town within Yangnyeongsi, with a café on the first floor, restaurants (stir-fried chicken, tteokbokki, pork katsu, and bibimbap) on the second floor, and shops (herbal medicinal food, handmade tea, handmake cakes and cookies, and natural beauty products) on the third floor. In addition, a multi-beauty shop and design goods production company in the Daekyeung University’s startup space on the seventh floor, adding a total of 20 unique spaces in Yangnyeongsi. The beautiful night view of Daegu from the rooftop of the seventh floor in particular will provide a special sight for the visitors.



On the fourth floor is “Boost Park,” where visitors and play 3-sports games via AR and VR technologies, providing young consumers with enjoyable and special attractions. Created in partnership with SK Telecom, Boost Park is a place for visitors to enjoy live sports games and highlights through VR for free of charge and take photos with game characters and professional e-sports player Faker through AR.


The Herbal Medicine Experience Town, where the youth market is located, also offers footbath as well as herbal medicine and beauty programs for the visitors. For the safety of visitors from COVID-19, the number of visitors per hour will be restricted by online (Daegu Metropolitan City Integrated Reservation System, or on-site reservation.


Baek Dong-hyun, Director of Innovation and Growth in Daegu, remarked, “The opening of the youth market in Yangnyeongsi will attract young consumers, which will help vitalize the local economy.” He added that the city government will active support the youth market through connections with the local tourism industry.


Cheongchun Danjang blog: