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Daegu International Future Auto Expo 2020 Takes the Lead in Reviving Local Industries!
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Conducting both offline business expo and online virtual consultation sessions, in full support of businesses


Daegu International Future Auto Expo 2020, which has altered its plan to become a hybrid expo due to COVID-19, disclosed its preparation for the opening on October 29.



Daegu Metropolitan City is currently preparing for the Daegu International Future Auto Expo, which will be held from October 29 to 30 at EXCO, in keeping with the level 2 social distancing measures in preparation for changes in the COVID-19 situation. The expo will not be open to the general public and instead fully support local businesses, focusing on companies and buyers.



In the era of “no-contact” communication, companies are facing difficulties in sales and in pioneering overseas distribution channels. In consideration of such hardships, the expo will be held only as a business program for local companies.


Over 50 local companies will be participating in this expo, with the Daegu Metropolitan City providing support for setting up the display booths and companies preparing for the promotion of their products and consultations with Korean buyers in their booths. Domestic buyers will consist of primary vendors and carmakers such as Hyundai, Kia, and GM. In addition, groups of experts, including the speakers for the forum section of the expo, will be also making onsite visits.


Moreover, virtual consultation sessions will be held in the online consultation center for the local companies to communicate with overseas buyers from Japan, China, and North America. In consideration of the time differences, the organizers are negotiating ways to hold consultation sessions outside of the expo schedule. In particular, to encourage more in-depth consultations with Chinese buyers, a consultation center will be set up in Shanghai, China, and connect in real-time with the consultation center at the expo.


The consultation session will be attended by over 50 domestic and overseas buyers.



For the forum, studios for Korean speakers will be set up at EXCO and in Seoul, where lectures will be held on site, while foreign speakers will participate either in real-time through online video conference or in recorded videos. The studios, however, will only be open to the speakers and other relevant staff members, and the audience will have to participate online only. Registration for the forum or tickets for attending the forum are available on the Daegu International Future Auto Expo website (


The forum will be divided into two sections, keynote lectures and general lectures. The keynote lectures include online lectures by KT’s vice president Jeon Hong Beom and  Neda Cvijetic, the senior manager of Autonomous Vehicles at NVIDIA, as well as an onsite lecture by Kang Geon-yong, president of the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers at the EXCO studio in the morning of October 29. A lecture by Erez Dagan, the executive vice president of Mobileye will be held in the morning of October 30.


General lectures will consist of sessions headed by the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers, Korean Auto-Vehicle Safety Association, Korean Institute of Intelligent Systems, and the Korean Institute of Communications and Information Science, as well as global companies such as NVIDIA (USA, artificial intelligence), Infineon (USA, automotive semiconductor), AVL (Austria, powertrain). In addition, China and the United Kingdom, which are cooperating with the Daegu Metropolitan City, will be hosting country sessions.