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Daegu Football Club Holds Matches with Spectators! Safety First!
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Spectators will be allowed into games starting with Daegu vs Jeonbuk match on August 8


In order to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, the K-League matches for the 2020 season have been held without spectators until now. However, with the Korean government’s announcement to “resume the entry of spectators to professional sports,” Daegu Football Club will join other professional sports organizations to allow the entry of spectators to their matches, starting with their home game on August 8 (Saturday). Prior to the game, Daegu FC will review quarantine measures for a safe environment for the spectators and also conduct a rehearsal for spectator admission.


Daegu FC will welcome a crowd of spectators, starting with their home game against Jeonbuk on the August 8. This is the first game to be held with spectators in 87 days since the team’s opening match against Pohang on May 16, which was held with no spectators to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


The number of people allowed admission to the game is 1,223, which is 10 percent of the available seats at the DGB Daegu Bank Park. The tickets were sold out within the first two minutes of online reservations that began on August 1.


For the safety of the spectators from COVID-19, all visitors must scan the QR code to check in, in accordance with the Korea Professional Football League's “Coronavirus Response Manual for a Switch to Games with Spectators.” In addition, and all tickets will only be sold online through credit card transactions for accurate visitor information. Allowed.


Visitors will be allowed enter the stadium through seven gates, from Gate 2 to Gate 8, after a check to ensure that everyone is wearing a mask, a temperature check, hand sanitization, a QR scan, and bag inspection.


In addition, all seats will be designated, and visitors will be required to keep their masks on at all times. Spectators will not be allowed to move between seats, and any kind of actions that will result in airborne transmission of COVID-19, such as singing, or contact transmission, such as high-fives, will also be prohibited. Visitors must also follow the measure to ban food in the stadium aside from simple drinks.


Daegu FC has attached stickers to help the visitors ensure a safe distance from each other at ticket booths and restrooms in advance.


Daegu Metropolitan City and Daegu FC will conduct a rehearsal prior to the actual game to review their COVID-19 prevention measures at Gate 3 at DGB Daegu Bank at 2 pm on August 8. The pre-game rehearsal will allow Daegu and Daegu FC to check  the COVID-19 response plan in advance and take immediate measures to supplement and improve any incomplete aspects of the plan.