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Samsung Engineering Partakes in the Water Industry Cluster, Greenlighting Growth Partnership Between Water Businesses
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A four-party MOU signed by Daegu Metropolitan City, Samsung Engineering, Korea Environment Corporation, and the Korea Water Cluster


  On July 16 at 2 p.m., at the Situation Room on the second floor of the Daegu City Hall, Daegu Metropolitan City will host a signing ceremony for a four-party memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the water industry for industrial development and job creation with Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin, Samsung Engineering’s president Choi Sungan, Korea Environment Corporation’s CEO Jang Jun-yeong, and Choi In-jong, the head of the association of businesses in the Korea Water Cluster.



Water Industry Cluster’s Global Business Center



Samsung Engineering, which is one of the parties of this agreement is a Korean engineering company with global-level competitiveness that has pioneered the history of the Korean plant industry for over 50 years by successfully completing numerous projects around the world. With an abundance of experience, accumulated technical skills, and outstanding human resources, the company has been expanding its business from oil refining, gas, and petrochemistry to the whole engineering sector including power generation, industrial facilities, and the environment.


The Korea Environment Corporation is an organization dedicated to the environment, which was commissioned to be the operator for the Korea Water Cluster in July 2018, and it has been operating the cluster since July 2019. The corporation has been efficiently promoting projects that focus on the overall environmental improvement and resource circulation, including water, as well as the atmosphere, soil, underground water, and waste, thereby contributing to sustainable national development.


Through this agreement, Daegu will provide support for the application of water technology and products from businesses in the Korea Water Cluster and Samsung Engineering to the water supply and sewage business in the city, while Samsung Engineering will actively use the technology and products from the businesses in the Korea Water Cluster for its plant projects in Korea and abroad. This is expected to greatly contribute to the mutual growth of Samsung and small- and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, based on the experience of constructing and operating a number of environmental facilities at home and abroad, Samsung Engineering will also provide technical advice to Daegu, such as plans for the modernization of water and sewage facilities.


The Korea Environment Corporation will also actively support the use of its facilities by Samsung Engineering and the enterprises in the Korea Water Cluster for the research and development of water-related technologies.


Taking the opportunity provided by this agreement, Daegu plans work with the Korea Environment Corporation to establish a cooperative growth system for the water industry through human, technical, and administrative cooperation with Samsung Engineering and the enterprises in the water cluster and continue to create new distribution channels for the companies into the domestic and international water markets.