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Let’s Have Fun! Enjoy a “Sensible Trip to Daegu” during the Special Travel Week
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Daegu to hold Special Travel Week (July 1 – 19) to restore the weakened tourism market from COVID-19


  The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korea Tourism Organization, and the Daegu Metropolitan City are hosting “Special Travel Week’ events as a marketing strategy to help recover the tourism market that has been under a recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Daegu will hold a Special Travel Week from July 1 to 19 with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Tourism Organization, and other relevant organizations to revive the stuttering tourism industry and to establish a tourism culture that prioritizes disinfection and safety. Other events, such as Korea Sale (June 26 to July 12) and Special Transit Benefit (discounted KTX and bus fares), will also be held in connection with the Special Travel Week.

   ※ For more information: refer to the Special Travel Week website (


During the Special Travel Week, the Daegu Metropolitan City and the Daegu Tourism Bureau will host a variety of events based on social distancing and daily disinfection and safety tips.


First, a stamp tour with three themed tour courses and a special camping trip in the city will be offered as part of “Sensible Trip to Daegu.”


The first themed tour course is “Untact Walking Tour,” where tourists can travel along pleasant walking trails to find their own “little forest” with clean air outside of the city. The venues for Untact Walking Tour include Daegu Arboretum, Mabijeong Mural Village, Samunjin Jumak Village, and Song Hae Park.



 The second themed tour course is “Impressive Café Street Tour,” where tourists can find their own hideouts and walk around streets full of cute and cozy cafés that are popular Instagram spots where people can take the best pictures of their lives. The venues for this tour are Dongseongno Street, Kim Kwang Suk Memorial Mural Road, Suseongmot Lake, and Apsan Café Street.


The third themed tour course is “Summer Night Tour under the Stars,” where friends and family enjoy the beauty of summer nights under the stars near the city. Tour spots include Suseongmot Lake, Kim Kwang Suk Memorial Mural Road, Seomun Night Market, and Apsan Observatory.

   ※ 100 Spots for Nighttime Travels in Korea (five selected): Kim Kwang Suk Memorial Mural Road, Seomun Night Market, Apsan Park, Suseongmot Lake, and Ayang Railway




Night view of Suseongmot Lake


 The abovementioned three themed tour courses are part of the stamp tour. Tourists will be able to explore various “untact” tourist spots and café streets during the day and visit five of the 100 Spots for Nighttime Travels in Korea selected by the Korea Tourism Organization in April 2020..

(Three themed tour courses: “Untact Walking Tour,” “Café Street Tour,” and “Summer Night Tour under the Stars”)


Tourists who receive a stamp from at least one venue in each of the tour courses (total of three places or more) will be given travel souvenirs (1,000 travel pouches and toothbrush set). (Leaflets about the stamp tour will be provided at tourist information centers.)


In addition, as a special event, the city will provide an opportunity for a “camping trip,” which has gained popularity in the recent months due to the emphasis on social distancing. Through a collaboration with a campervan rental company in the Daegu area, the city will offer a chance to experience camping at the Geumhogang River Auto Camping Site in Buk-gu.


As part of “Camping in the City, Untact Daegu Tour,” Daegu Metropolitan City will select about five teams (total of about 14 people) who have submitted applications in the end of June on Daegu’s official tourism blog “Fun & Free Daegu Travel,” and offer each team a camping trip (campervan, camping equipment, location, etc.) for a two-day trip over the second or third weekends of July. The participating teams will be asked to post their experience on social media to share their camping trip with others. In addition, the urban camping experience will be shared and promoted in the September issue of the travel magazine Travie.