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Introducing Daegu’s Tourist Attractions through “Begin Again”
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Introducing Daegu’s Tourist Attractions through “Begin Again”


JTBC “Begin Again Korea” airs two episodes on Daegu on June 13 and 20 (Sat.) JTBC


Daegu Metropolitan City invited JTBC’s “Begin Again Korea” and provided support for the filming of episodes in Daegu in an effort to provide healing time for the people of Daegu who are having difficulty coping with COVID-19 and to introduce beautiful tourist attractions in Daegu in preparation for the post-COVID-19 era.


“Begin Again” is JTBC’s major reality TV show with a focus on music. Since 2017, the show has starred Korean musicians, who travel abroad and communicate with people from different countries through busking. The cities and places that have been featured on the show have received a lot of attention as major tourist spots.


The show’s fourth season is set in different cities across Korea. In an effort to offer comport and support for the people of the Republic of Korea who are facing all kinds of difficulties due to the sudden COVID-19 pandemic, the show brought together Korean musicians, including Lee So-ra, Henry, Suhyun, Hareem, Jukjae, Crush, and Jung Seung-hwan, as a team under the theme of “social-distancing busking,” sending messages of hope and encouragement.


The show was filmed in various locations in Daegu. The musicians visited Keimyung University Daegu Dongsan Hospital for the medical staff who are working hard in the frontlines of the war against COVID-19,  Suchang Youth Mansion for the young artists who are losing their footing in the world of work due to the COVID-19 crisis, and Suseong Lake and Daegu Stadium to comfort and console the viewers from around the country, whose messages to the show were selected via social media.


In order to prevent COVID-19 infection, prevention guidelines were strictly observed in the locations where the busking performances were held. A two-meter distance was secured between the production staff and the audience who reserved their spots in advance, and body temperatures were measured using non-contact methods. In addition, thermal imaging cameras were installed, and everyone had to disinfect their hands and wear a mask. The performance venues and surrounding facilities were thoroughly disinfected before and after the performances as well.


Park Hui-jun, head of Daegu’s Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau remarked, “I hope that ‘Begin Again’ can provide the power and courage for the people of Daegu who have been struggling for a long time now to ‘begin their lives again.’” He added, “It is also our hope that the beautiful attractions in Daegu that are featured on the show will grab the attention of the viewers and lead them gradually to Daegu to enliven Daegu’s tourism industry that has been hit hard by the crisis.”