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Daegu to Use QR Codes for Tackling Covid-19 Starting on May 20
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Cumbersome handwritten visitors’ logs to be made easier with QR codes!


On May 20, Daegu Metropolitan City will begin to phase out handwritten visitors’ logs, starting with those at Daegu City Hall (main building and annex), Daegu Art Museum, and E-World, and replace them with QR codes.


When clubs in Itaewon became Covid-19 hotspots earlier in the month, the authorities faced considerable difficulty due to the club visitors giving false names and contact details or omitting them in visitors’ logs.


The current visitors’ log system involves visitors to facilities writing down their names and phone numbers, and the records in the logs are to be maintained by the facilities. From the very beginning, people have raised concerns about false records and personal information leaks.


In an effort to address these issues of privacy protection and also to conduct accurate epidemiological investigation when confirmed Covid-19 cases arise, the Daegu Metropolitan City decided to implement a QR code system to manage lists of visitors.


This new system will allow visitors to simply scan the QR code affixed on the entrance of a facility they are visiting to enter the building, instead of writing down their personal information in a visitors’ log.


In addition, the collected personal information will be handled and managed by the city rather than by each facility or business, used only for matters related to Covid-19, and deleted from the system after three months from the day of the visit.


Daegu will first implement the system on a trial basis at the City Hall (main building and annex), Daegu Art Center and other public facilities, as well as E-World, which is a major tourist spot. The city will eventually introduce the system to other public facilities and private businesses frequented by crowds.


Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin remarked, “The people of Daegu have expressed inconvenience filling out visitors logs at facilities and were particularly concerned about personal information leaks. The new QR code system will allow the city to directly manage the people’s private personal information, which will hopefully relieve people’s concerns.” He added, “Tackling the spread of Covid-19 begins with accurate investigation of how the disease spread. Therefore I urge the citizens of Daegu to actively use the QR code system.”