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We Will Forever Be Indebted to the Whole Country and Koreans Living Abroad!
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A stream of donations from all across the country and overseas after Covid-19 began to spread in Daegu


  The Daegu Metropolitan City expressed gratitude to the whole country and overseas Koreans, saying, “We’re facing an unprecedented ordeal due to the rapid spread of Covid-19 in the city. It has been difficult but we never felt alone, thanks to the people who made monetary and non-monetary donations. We have been able to work on overcoming the current crisis thanks to the support from the whole country.”





Since February, Daegu has faced unprecedented difficulties, becoming the epicenter of the Covid-19 epidemic in Korea, reporting the highest number of cases in the nation. It was designated as a Special Epidemic Management Zone on March 4 and a Special Disaster Zone on March 15.


In an effort to share the region’s pain, people from across the country and overseas have been sending a steady stream of donations.


A total of KRW 42.8 billion and 1,073 articles of goods (903 medical products and 170 other goods) have been received by two charity organizations (Daegu Chapter of the Community Chest of Korea and the Daegu Branch of Korean Red Cross).


Two siblings in elementary school made a contribution of KRW 1 million, which they had saved up for a year from their allowances, upon hearing that there was a shortage of masks, with a note that said, “We hope that people in Daegu stay strong until the day they can be healthy again.”


One Vietnamese woman who lives in Waegan, Gyeongsangbuk-do, donated KRW 100,000 to the Daegu Chapter of the Community Chest of Korea with a handwritten letter. Explaining that she’d once lived in Daegu, she wrote: “The Republic of Korea and Daegu are not alone. We’re with you. We love the Republic of Korea. Chin up!” 


A couple donated the gift money they received for their child’s first birthday, asking it to be used for the people of Daegu who are in need. In this way, a steady stream of donations from several tens of thousands of people flowed into Daegu. From children to the low-income class, people of various ages and income groups from all across the country and even overseas contributed to Daegu’s efforts to overcome the Covid-19 epidemic.


The donations have been used to provide emergency medical supplies (such as Level D sets) to the doctors and other medical professionals who are fighting Covid-19 day and night, as well as general disease preventions supplies (masks, thermometers, hand sanitizers, etc.) to students who will soon be starting school.


In addition, the Daegu Metropolitan City provided masks to all citizens and disease prevention supplies to the socially disadvantaged, such as people with disabilities and residents of jjokbang (tiny one-room apartments) and government-provided housings. Moreover, for the people’s safety, the city distributed supplies to traditional markets, health and athletic facilities, and other facilities frequented by numerous people.


The over 1,000 articles of donation, such as masks, hand sanitizers, protective clothing, bottles of water, and daily necessities, have also been supplied to medical professionals, socially disadvantaged people, and others who are in need.


Chae Hong-ho, Deputy Mayor for Administrative Affairs at Daegu remarked, “With the support and encouragement that people from all across the country and even overseas have shown us, Daegu will overcome this crisis and rise anew.” He added, “I would like to express my gratitude to the people of Korea, the citizens of Daegu, and overseas Koreans once again.”