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Daegu’s message for COVID-19 heroes
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Daegu Metropolitan City starts public-participatory thank-you relay for COVID-19 heroes


  Daegu Metropolitan City (DMC) began a citizen-participatory “thank-you relay” event on social media as a show of gratitude for the medical personnel, paramedics and volunteers who came from across the country to Daegu to help with handling the city’s novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.


Once it became apparent that Daegu faced a public healthcare collapse due to the sudden spike in confirmed COVID-19 cases after February 18, medical personnel (including public health doctors and nursing officers), paramedics and volunteers from throughout Korea flocked to Daegu to protect its citizens at a time of great danger.


Based on the dedicated efforts of these individuals, the Daegu area began to regain a sense of stability. Many of the COVID-19 heroes have since left the city for their regular places of work. On March 19, the 244 paramedics who worked tirelessly to transport confirmed cases to treatment facilities returned to their workplaces. On April 10, 75 newly-commissioned nursing officers returned to their stations.


To commemorate the efforts of those who gave so selflessly in its time of greatest need, DMC recently began a social media campaign, “Daegu Remembers You,” that is open for participation to all Daegu citizens.


The first step was the designing of three social media profile images that depict the city’s gratitude for its COVID-19 heroes. Images will be distributed through DMC’s website and social media account.


Social media profile images currently available for use



To allow citizens to express their gratitude in diverse and creative ways, a “citizens’ thank-you relay” event will be held via Facebook and Instagram from April 21 through 30.

The citizens’ event is open to all. Participation can be done by applying a thank-you sticker designed by DMC to one’s mask (either physically or via digital editing) and posting a photo of one wearing the resulting mask to DMC’s official Facebook or Instagram account.


Details on participating in the relay will be available starting April 21 on DMC’s social media account. A modest gift will be provided for five winning entries and 50 individuals who are randomly selected by draw.


Kwon Gi-dong, director-general of DMC’s PR & City Branding Office, said, “If it wasn’t for the COVID-19 heroes who rushed to Daegu to help out, we would have undergone immeasurably more serious hardship. I truly hope that this campaign can convey the sincerity and gratitude of Daegu Metropolitan City and our citizens.”


DMC has already received attention for its brand slogan-based social media profile relay event (“Pray for Daegu,” “Waiting for Daegu’s April,” etc.), which was conducted to arouse solidarity among citizens for the combating of COVID-19, and the popular citizen-wide campaign “328 Daegu.”