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Daegu provides emergency disinfection supplies to businesses to counter COVID-19
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Daegu provides emergency disinfection supplies to businesses to counter COVID-19

Supplies provided to restaurants, hair salons and barbershops, bathhouses, internet cafes, karaoke rooms, and more


Due to the concern over further spread of COVID-19 from face-to-face interactions at businesses that serve a large number of people, Daegu Metropolitan City decided to provide emergency disinfection supplies to high-risk businesses for self-disinfection and customer management.


This is a preventive emergency measure to promptly address the increasing demand for disinfection and alleviate people’s anxiety over businesses that are at a high risk of cluster infection due to the spread of COVID-19.


A total of 64,000 customer-concentrated businesses, including restaurants, bathhouses, hotels and other lodging businesses, hair salons and barbershops, internet cafés, and karaoke rooms will receive supplies without having to apply for them, as long as the businesses have reported their operation, registered, and permitted as of the end of March.

* Closed-in high-risk businesses will be prioritized to receive emergency disinfection supplies first.


Supplies include disinfectant for COVID-19 prevention, hand sanitizers for the business owners and customers, disinfectant towels that can be sprayed with disinfectant to clean contaminated areas. The city will also provide a manual and guidelines for the business owners to use the supplies properly.


In addition to the provision of disinfectant supplies to businesses, Daegu will join the police to monitor people’s compliance with the strengthened social distancing rules until April 19.


The city will recommend high-risk businesses, such as internet cafés, karaoke rooms, and other entertainment facilities to suspend operation as much as possible, and for those that have to be open due to inevitable circumstances, Daegu Metropolitan City will take measures to see that the businesses comply with the guidelines.


In an effort to counter COVID-19, Daegu has enlisted the help of the private sector and the military to conduct widespread disinfection of facilities visited by COVID-19 patients, public facilities, mass transportation, welfare and educational facilities, and traditional markets and other distribution facilities. In addition, the city has been providing disinfectant chemicals and necessary equipment to help people counter COVID-19 on their own.