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For the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens of Daegu are the strongest vaccines
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Production and promotion of the video titled “An infectious diseases expert explains COVID-19” to dissolve fear among citizens


  In order to reduce people’s vague anxiety and fear of COVID-19,   Daegu Metropolitan City has produced videos, such as “An infectious disease expert explains COVID-19” and “Tips on disinfection in daily life,” which will be promoted via the city’s channel on YouTube.



 Screenshot of the video titled “COVID-19 Q&A with a local medical expert”


In the video titled “COVID-19 Q&A,” Kim Shin-woo, the head of the Daegu Center for Infectious Diseases Control and Prevention (an infectious diseases specialist at Kyungpook National University Hospital) provides clear explanations about 15 myths and questions about COVID-19.


The “Tips on disinfection” video explains how to make an environmental disinfectant that can be used easily at home as well as tips on how to use it properly.


In addition, there are other videos that provide tips on more intensive disinfection tips for families with confirmed COVID-19 patients, etc.


Recently, the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients have been on a decline in the Daegu area, due to people’s voluntary measures, such as avoiding going outside, and proper sanitation. The Daegu Metropolitan Government suggested following these measures for two more weeks until March 28 in their so-called “328 Daegu Movement.”


The movement calls for all Daegu residents to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic by abiding by personal hygiene rules, such as minimizing going out and about, stopping group activities and rallies, washing hands thoroughly and staying two meters away from others, and sitting side-by-side to eat rather than across the table. When symptoms appear, people are encouraged to stay home rather than going to work or outside, and to call 1339 or a local health clinic.


In order to stop community spread of COVID-19, Daegu is currently practicing social distancing. And to comfort and support people who are doing their part by staying at home, the city also provides a section called “Healing Daegu” on its official YouTube channel.


In “Healing Daegu,” people have access to a variety of cultural content, such as sand art, opera, and classical music concerts, that have been produced by the Daegu Arts Center, Daegu Art Museum, and other culture-related organizations affiliated with the city.


Kwon Ki-dong, the Director General of PR & City Branding Office, asked for people’s active participation in the “328 Daegu Movement” to end the COVID-19 crisis and remarked, “We will do our best to provide accurate information about COVID-19 and communicate with the people to help resolve curiosity and alleviate anxiety to overcome these difficult times.”