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“Thank you, medical staff treating COVID-19!” People show big and small kindnesses for the medical staff at Daegu Medical Center
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“Thank you, medical staff treating COVID-19!” 

People show big and small kindnesses for the medical staff at Daegu Medical Center 

Over 10,000 donation packages delivered from all across Korea


Korean people have been sending words and gifts of encouragement to the medical staff at the Daegu Medical Center, which has been designated for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.




Boxes of goods donated by the public



As of March 5, 2020, over 10,000 goods have been donated from all across the nation to support the medical staff who are waging a daily battle to test and treat COVID-19 patients.


A wide variety of goods were donated by not only institutions and organizations but also anonymous individuals. Some sent homemade rolls of kimbap and side dishes, and children sent snacks with thank you notes written in uneven handwriting.


Companies and small business owners who have been seriously affected by the COVID-19 crisis have also provided snacks and other goods, partaking in sending a stream of donations to the medical staff despite their own difficulties.


A nurse in the quarantine ward commented, “The fear of infection only lasted a short period. We were spending all our energy on treating the patients and had no time to even glance at anything else. Then we read all the letters of encouragement and food that people around the country sent to us and felt their kindness. We’ve gained energy from all the thankful gifts, but the more encouragement we receive, we feel more responsible for taking care of the patients.”


An employee at the Public Relations and Cooperation Team of the Daegu Medical Center commented, “We’ve been receiving phone calls after phone calls of people wanting to send us donations, and often times they send words of encouragement with tears in their voices that we end up crying with them. Every time, I’m touched by their compassion and kindness.”


You Wansik, the head of the Daegu Medical Center remarked, “We are very grateful for the love and interest from across the nation for simply doing what we need to do as a public hospital that serves as a regional medical base in Daegu. It seems only right for us to thank each donor personally but ask for everyone’s understanding for being unable to do so. Thanks to everyone’s support, we will to our best to overcome the COVID-19 crisis and help everyone return to their daily lives.”