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Daegu Environmental Corporation Completes the Big Data-Based Intelligent Sewage System Service Project
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Daegu Environmental Corporation (Chief Director Kang Hyung Shin) successfully completed the “Big Data-Based Intelligent Sewage Control Service Project,” which was selected as a 2019 Data Flagship Project overseen by the National Information Society Agency (NIA) under the Ministry of Science and ICT. The completion of this project has now laid the foundation for integrating big data and intelligence technologies to sewage treatment facilities.


Project Performance Report



The Big Data-Based Intelligent Sewage System Service Project involves the application of big data and ICT technologies to the public sewage treatment facilities. It is the first of its kind in Korea to be taken on by a public corporation that operates environmental infrastructure. A total of KRW 850 million, including the national funding of KRW 620 million, has been invested into this project.

A consortium of companies that specialize in different fields—The IMC, NEXIS , and Nada— have come together for this project to create different models, including the water inflow prediction model, pump failure diagnosis and preventive maintenance model, pump operation scenario prediction model, and intelligent surveillance camera modelling, using meteorological data, such as temperature and the amount of rainfall, as well as the amount of water supply used and vibration sensor data. And such information gathered from the models will be displayed on AI POS monitoring screens and maintenance notification applications, providing the office in charge of operation and it is workers the necessary information to maintain a seamless operation of sewage treatment facilities.

This project led to the establishment of a storage system for various data that are created in the process of sewage inflow, and the collected data have been refined and analyzed for the development of prediction modelling techniques using AI-based artificial neural network and other relevant technologies. Prediction modelling is expected to provide a new and innovative sewage treatment operation model, a shift from a subjective, experience-based operation method to a more objective, data-based operation method.

The project began and the details of the project were announced during the Data Flagship report session hosted by the NIA on June 19 (Wed) and the kickoff seminar attended by relevant officials from the Daegu Metropolitan City and the NIA, held at the Daegu Environment Corporation on July 5 (Fri). On December 23 (Mon), results of the technological development were announced at COEX (Seoul), which also provided an opportunity to share and exchange information with other organizations carrying out public projects.

In addition, the Big Data-Based Intelligent Sewage System Service Project received favorable reviews at the final assessment of the ten 2019 Data Flagship Projects, held on January 21 (Post Tower, Seoul), and it also received recognition as the successful technological development project of its kind in the country.