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Daegu Art Museum in 2020: “More Accessible to the Public” with 40 Episodes
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Daegu Art Museum in 2020: More Accessible to the Public with 40 Episodes

In 2020, come see the 40 episodes of Daegu Art Museum at Misulgwan-ro 40.


Under the slogan “A Museum for All, 40 Misulgwan-ro,” the Daegu Art Museum aims to strengthen its exhibitions, education program, artwork, archive, and reinforce its expertise in promotion and communication in 2020.


In 2019, Daegu Art Museum held a total of 13 exhibitions, including Alex Katz, Centennial Exhibition of the March 1st Movement, Park Saeng Kwang, POP/corn, and Special Exhibition of Lee In-sung, as well as over 200 educational and cultural events, which attracted 247,728 visitors over the year.

In addition, the museum acquired a total of 25 artwork, including Lee In-sung’s “Red Roses” and Lee Byul’s “Monster: Pink,” and expanded its relations with overseas organizations by hosting an exhibition of works from India’s National Gallery of Modern Art as part of the Centennial Exhibition of the March 1st Movement and signing a memorandum of understanding with Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen in Dusseldorf, Germany. It also expanded its archive collection by acquiring the Lee Youngryung archive collection and implemented a variety of projects, such as starting a social media channel for the museum.


This year, Daegu Art Museum selected a new slogan “A Museum for All, 40 Misulgwan-ro,” to advertise the museum’s address, which is located at 40 Misulgwan-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, and the museum’s 10 major projects through 40 “episodes” or events. To promote these events, the museum is offering free admission for visitors who are 20, 40, and 60 years old, and a variety of events that allow the museum to communicate with the visitors as a museum that is friendlier and more accessible to the public.


[Daegu Art Museum’s 40 Episodes]

· Exhibitions: 10 exhibitions including 100 Collective Signatures of Daegu Art Museum, Y and Y+ Artist Project, Daniel Buren, Helmut Newton, and Special Exhibition in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Lee In-sung Art Award.

· Education programs: 10 programs including lectures on humanities, art history, and collections; hands-on program for children, and programs for culturally disadvantaged people.

· Collections and archive: 10 projects including curated exhibitions of collections, education classes, five-year plan for acquiring collections, publication of a collection of artwork, and events for donors.

· Promotion: 10 projects including the vitalization of communication channels for the museum, exhibition-related concert, production of videos for promoting exhibitions to persons with disabilities.



The direction Daegu Art Museum is taking for exhibitions in 2020 focuses on the review of the performances of long-term projects, such as large-scale exhibitions of its collections, introduction of contemporary European artists, and Y and Y+ Artist Project, celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Lee In-sung Art Award, and cooperation with other institutions.


In the first half of this year, visitors will be able to enjoy four exhibitions, including “100 Collective Signatures of Daegu Art Museum,” which will showcase 100 pieces carefully selected from among the museum’s collection of 1,307 artworks, “You Have Witchcraft in Your Lips,” which takes a look at the performance of the long-term Y and Y+ Artist Project, “Dandi Yatra,” which is an exhibition held in exchange with India’s National Gallery of Modern Art, and “The Moon Has Risen,” an exhibition held as part of a cultural exchange program “Moonlight Alliance” between Daegu-Gwangju.


“100 Collective Signatures of Daegu Art Museum” is the largest exhibition of Daegu Art Museum’s collection in its history, where the museum aims to share the results of its research on the collection with the visitors. “You Have Witchcraft in Your Lips” examines the performance of Daegu Art Museum’s project for supporting young and established artists, which was established in the museum’s initial years, and reviews the program’s future direction.


During the mid-year, the Daegu Art Museum will host its very first educational exhibition, planned for children by the French conceptual artist Daniel Buren, titled “Like Children’s Play.” At the same time, in the Daniel Buren exhibition, which showcases his major artworks, visitors can encounter new artworks by an artist who strives for something new with his spirit of endless experiments since the 1960s until today.


In addition, the Daegu Art Museum will also host an exhibition of works by Tim Eitel, a contemporary German artist touted as a standard bearer for the New Leipzig School, which focuses on the importance of contemporary paintings. The artist paints lyrical portraits of social issues and isolationism that everyone around the world can identify with.


In addition, a solo exhibition by a local Daegu artist Chong Jae-Kyoo will be held this year. Chong has been active in France for over 40 years and garnering international fame for plastic photographs that overcome the flatness of regular photography.




Chong Jae-Kyoo – Headless Stone Buddha in Gyeongju


In the second half of the year, the Daegu Art Museum will host the “Special Exhibition in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Lee In-sung Art Award” and an exhibition of works by the “Recipient of the 20th Lee In-sung Art Award-Cho Deok-hyun” to examine the significance of the Lee In-sung Art Award and its recipients. In addition, a solo exhibition of Helmut Newton, the master of moder photography, will also be held at the museum in collaboration with the Daegu Photo Biennale.