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As Autumn Deepens, the Scent of Chrysanthemums at Daegu Arboretum Grows Strong
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As Autumn Deepens, the Scent of Chrysanthemums at Daegu Arboretum Grows Strong

Daegu Arboretum’s 2019 Chrysanthemum Exhibition Begins on October 28


“A journey with chrysanthemums into Autumn 2019! Daegu Arboretum welcomes you!”

Chrysanthemum Exhibition



Daegu Arboretum will host a chrysanthemum exhibition for 14 days from October 28 to November 10 (Sun). Visitors will be able to see over 12,000 pieces of chrysanthemum art.


Under the theme of “love,” this year’s exhibition will focus on the display of unity between flora and fauna in nature. Chrysanthemums shaped as giraffes, elephants, chipmunks, as well as cheonganjak, which are a thousand chrysanthemum blossoms sprouting from the same root, and bonsai mums that represent old trees will be showcased, expressing the purity and beauty of mums.


In addition, a variety of displays and hands-on experience programs will be available for visitors to enjoy at Daegu Arboretum. The exhibition is even more meaningful as everything from growing chrysanthemums to creating chrysanthemum art and decorating the exhibition halls have been all carried out by the employees of Daegu Arboretum.


During the exhibition period, over 2,000 chrysanthemum art will be showcased at the Dongdaegu Station Plaza, including the legendary flying horse and a bride and a groom in a traditional wedding ceremony. Additionally, lights will be installed for the artworks to turn them into unique attractions even at night.


Jang Jeong-geol, director of Daegu Arboretum remarked, “We tried to make this year’s Chrysanthemum Exhibition at Daegu Arboretum more open to the public with beautiful chrysanthemum art as well as various displays, exhibitions, and hands-on experience programs.” He added, “Traffic is expected to be extremely chaotic during the exhibition, so we would like to ask you to use public transportation as much as possible.”