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Daegu Kicks Off the Expansion of a Global Network for the Water Industry!
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Daegu Kicks Off the Expansion of a Global Network for the Water Industry!

At the World Water Forum, 12 cities from 10 countries establish the Water Cities Partnership Action Plan



This year, Daegu Metropolitan City will host the World Water Cities Forum 2019 in the fourth Korea International Water Week. The forum is an event participated by representatives from foreign cities and experts from water-related organizations to focus on intercity cooperation and partnership.



Korea International Water Week 2019


During Korea International Water Week 2019 (KIWW 2019), which will be held from September 4 to 7 at EXCO, Daegu, the Daegu Metropolitan City aims to strengthen its global network and seek ways for its water industry to enter the foreign market. In addition, the World Water Cities Forum 2019 will be held for two days from September 5 to 6 as a main event of the week.


In this year’s World Water Cities Forum 2019, A total of 12 cities from 10 countries around the world including Daegu; Orange County and Genessee County, United States; Montpelier, France; Friesland, Netherlands; Chengdu, China; and Taipei, Taiwan. Five international water organizations, such as the United States’ National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), American Water Works Association (AWWA), and Water Environment Federation, will also attend the event.


After the opening ceremony of the World Water Cities Forum 2019 in the morning of September 5, Daegu will sign a four-party cooperation MOU in water industry with France’s leading water city, Montpelier.


The MOU signing will be attended by the mayor of Daegu, vice mayor of Montpelier, and the heads of Dyetec and Aqua-Valley, which are support organizations for water-related companies in Korea and France, respectively.


Afterward, the representatives of 12 cities will also participate in the Water Cities Roundtable, under the theme of “Sustainable Water Partnership.”


In the afternoon, participating cities and organizations will present on Water Security and Water Welfare, which will be followed by a discussion for an action plan for Water Cities Partnership to strengthen their partnership.


Daegu, in particular, will present on its water industry policy, achievements, and future plans under the theme “Sustainable Water City Daegu.” In addition, the city will also establish specific plans to establish partnership with the cities participating in KIWW in an effort to vitalize the national water industry cluster and pave a path to enter the foreign water market.


Other events during the KIWW 2019 include the “2019 International Water Industry Business Workshop,” which provides a platform for water companies to expand into the foreign market, the “2019 Youth ‘Water’ Talk Concert,” where experts will help increase students’ awareness of water, as well as an international academic forum for the water sector, such as the “International Water Industry Conference” and the “preparatory meeting for the International Conference of the 17th International Water Resources Association.”


This year, a Wetskills Water Challenge will be held for the first time in South Korea, dubbed “Wetskills-South Korea 2019,” hosted by the Netherland’s Wetskills Foundation. In this competition, over 20 college and graduate students from five countries including South Korea and the Netherlands will showcase their skills. The winner of the challenge will be awarded at the closing ceremony of the KIWW.