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Daegu is hot for foreign medical tourists!
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Daegu is hot for foreign medical tourists!

Large groups of foreign medical tourists from Mongolia, Russia, China, and Japan visit Daegu in August




In the month of August, Daegu has been attracting a stream of medical tourists from Mongolia, Russia, China, and Japan, helping the people of Daegu to regain their energy by boosting the local economy and creating jobs for youth.


A group photo of medical tourists from Russia



From Mongolia, 13 people visited Daegu from August 13 (Tues) to 16 (Sat), including Director of Social Policy A. Bumansor, Director of Education Policy C. Narantsetseg, and 10 high school principals from Erdenet, the third largest city in Mongolia.


The group visited AllforSkin Dermatology Clinic, Duk Young Dental Hospital, and the Korea Association of Health Promotion for skin disease treatment, dental treatment, and physical exams. Afterward, they headed to Posan High School located in Dalseong-gun, and the Daegu Metropolitan Youth Center to discuss exchange of Daegu’s educational programs and information education before enjoying shopping on Dongseong-ro.


In late August, two or three city officials from Erdenet will also visit Daegu for a FAM tour of the Healthcare and Imaging Center Daegyeong and Wooridul Spine Hospital.


There will be two medical tourism promotions for Russia as well. The first is a collaboration between Life Center (headed by Son Gregory), the Daegu medical tourism promotion center in Russia and Daegu’s Verako Company (CEO Lee Gu-ho), an organization that attracts foreign medical tourists to Daegu.


From Yakutsk, Irkutsk, and Novosibirsk, a total of 52 Russian medical tourists will visit Daegu for eight days and seven nights from August 16 (Fri) to 23 (Fri) to receive comprehensive physical exams, plastic surgery and skin treatments, dental exams, Korean medicine treatments, comprehensive eye exams, and other advanced and customized medical treatments in five hospitals and clinics in Daegu, including Daegu Fatima Hospital.


These Russian medical tourists will also visit major landmarks in Daegu, including Dongseong-ro, Seomun Market, Palgongsan Mountain, E-World 83 Tower, and Suseong Lake, as well as cultural heritage sites in Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, such as Bulguksa Temple, Cheongseongdae Observatory, and the ancient Cheonmachong Tomb for a tour of the southern part of Korea.


Daegu also has a medical group tour program for about 20 Russian from Yakutsk, independently organized by ESCULIFE, which was selected as a leading tourist attraction firm in Daegu this year.


This group of tourists will visit Daegu from August 20 to 30 and receive comprehensive physical exams, Korean medicine treatments, spine exams, skin treatments, and implant surgery at five hospitals and clinics in Daegu, including Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center, Daegu Catholic University Medical Center, and Comprehensive and Integrative Medical Hospital. They will also enjoy touring Palgongsan Mountain and Donhwasa Temple, as well as shopping on Dongseong-ro.


Fourteen members of China’s Shanghai Photographers Association, who will be visiting Daegu to attend the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival in late August, are also planning on a medical tour of Daegu to receive treatments at AllforSkin Dermatology Clinic and Duk Young Dental Hospital.


From Japan, five tourists, including reporters from a popular fashion magazine and a freelance writer, will visit Daegu for a medical FAM tour and post promotional articles about Daegu in Japanese magazines and websites.


Kosini Natari, a reporter for the popular fashion magazine Marie Claire, and Ishihara Yuki, a writer for webzine GATTA will write about their medical tour of Daegu. Kichizawa Eijo, who is working as a freelance writer, will also promote Daegu’s medical tourism on Yahoo Japan and Digital Asahi Shimbun.