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All of Korea is benchmarking Daegu’s New Technology Platform service!
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All of Korea is benchmarking Daegu’s New Technology Platform service!

A stream of inquiry from other provinces as technology transfers and technology development steam up



This year, Daegu became the first city in Korea to launch the New Technology Platform service.


The New Technology Platform is a system that brings together new technologies owned by private companies and provides a channel for these technologies to be widely used.


With technology transfers from companies outside of Daegu to be registered into the platform and local companies developing technologies, local governments from all across Korea are making inquiries to benchmark Daegu’s system.


In April, the Board of Audit and Inspection visited Daegu and inspected the progress of the New Technology Platform, which was designated as an “Outstanding Example of Innovative Growth.” Since then, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Interior and Safety, Busan Metropolitan City, Daejeon Metropolitan City, Gyeonggi-do, and GYeongsangbuk-do have all shown interested in the platform.


Since February 2018, Daegu has provided support for local companies to start business with new technologies and creative ideas alone through a new technology testbed. This program has supported the opening of initial markets for four new technologies from Daegu to receive government certification and be commercialized.


The four new technologies that have been selected for the testbed support are: 1. Exposed composite waterproofing method using acrylate, 2. Concrete pillar reinforcement method using 3-dimensional fiber-reinforced composite, 3. Heat shielding, permeable aggregate packing materials, and 4. Coating method using unmanned robots mounted with a spray prevention system. Among them, the exposed composite waterproofing method using acrylate is currently being deliberated on by experts of the New Technology Platform.


Since the New Technology Platform went live in the beginning of this year, a total of 817 experts (393 from public institutions, 278 from industries, 142 from schools, and 4 others) and 305 new technologies (including 43 local technologies) have been registered to the system. In addition, 23 deliberation meetings were held for a fair and transparent selection of new technologies, and 54 technologies were incorporated into the platform.


For early establishment and stable implementation of the platform, the city enacted the Regulations for the Operation of the New Technology Platform of the Daegu Metropolitan City (directive), which is expected to be implemented in early September. In addition, Daegu is actively reviewing incentive programs for government employees’ proactive and creative job performance to aid the implementation of this platform as well.


In the latter half of this year, Daegu is planning to maximize the use of new technologies by signing MOUs with the Korea Expressway Corporation, the board of education, and local university, and also pursue the operation of this platform as a new accompanied growth project with Gyeongsangbuk-do.


Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin remarked, “Through the implementation of the New Technology Platform and active support for local businesses’ technology development and technology transfers from companies outside of Daegu, we will lead new technologies and technology possessors to come to Daegu and lay the foundation to become a leading city in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We will focus all our knowledge and capacity into boosting the local economy.”