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Daegu’s Robotics Industry Advances into the World!
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Daegu’s Robotics Industry Advances into the World!

Korea’s Robot Enterprise and Promotion Association holds MOU Signing Ceremonies with Turkey and Israeli Robotics Associations



The global robot cluster, led by Daegu Metropolitan City and Daegyeong Robot Enterprise and Promotion Association (REPA), laid the foundation for mutual cooperation with the Israeli Robotics Association (IROB) and Turkey’s ROBODER in order to develop the Middle Eastern market and expand into European countries.



Members of REPA and ROBODER with Related Companies Representatives at the Signing of the Korea-Turkey Robotics Associations MOU



From July 6 to 13, Daegu Metropolitan City organized the Korea-Israel International Cooperation Forum, International Business and Technology Road Show, and Business to Business Matching Consultations, which were co-hosted by REPA and Daegu Mechatronics and Materials Institute.


A total of 23 representatives of the 10 robotics companies in Daegu and related personnel from local businesses, universities, research centers, and government employees participated in the events, and over 30 representatives from robotics companies in Israel were in attendance as well, expanding business exchange opportunities and boosting mutual technological exchange.


On July 7 (Sun), Korea-Israel International Cooperation and Development Forum took off with four keynote presentations: Prospects of the Korean Robotics Industry and Future Prospects by Kim Min-yeong, professor of Electronics Engineering at Kyungpook National University; “Study on the Provision of Support for the Establishment of Smart Factories” by Park Ki-jin, a team manager at Daegu Mechatronics and Materials Institute; “Prospects of the Israeli Robotics Industry and Future Prospects” by Zvi Shiller, chair of IROB; and a presentation on fostering Israeli startups by Ariela Lazan from OurCrowd.


The International Business and Technology Road Show, which was held on the same day, was attended by 10 companies from Daegu, including Ajinextek, 18 Israeli companies, and 25 buyers. The one-on-one export consultations between Korean and Israeli robotics companies held at the Road Show was successful, resulting in export consultations worth USD 5.47 million and expected export contracts worth USD 3.43 million. These are expected to provide opportunities for Daegu companies to enter the Israeli market in the future.


After the consultation sessions, REPA signed a memorandum of understanding with IROB in a ceremony attended by the chairmen of both associations and related personnel from Korea and Israel. The MOU outlined objectives that focused on the two countries expanding cooperation in the robotics industry and participating in the global robot cluster. On July 11 (Thurs), REPA signed another MOU with Turkey’s ROBODER to promote the expansion of cooperation between Korean and Turkish robotics industries and mutual cooperation between the two countries for their participation in the global robot cluster.


Main objectives of the MOU included: mutual exchange between local universities and robotics research centers; personnel exchange from robotics related businesses, universities, and research centers (seminars and academic events); robotics industry cooperation at the national level (exhibitions, forums, marketing opportunities, etc.); and bilateral exchange of robotics technologies (joint research and development). Through this MOU, robotics technologies held by local companies in the associations are expected to be integrated more easily with technologies in other research institutions and businesses.