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Chicken and Beer in summer! Let’s go to Daegu, the mecca for chicken and beer lovers!
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Chicken and Beer in summer! Let’s go to Daegu, the mecca for chicken and beer lovers!

Chimac Festival to be held for five days from July 17 to 21 at Duryu Park and surrounding areas


Daegu Chimac (chicken and beer) Festival, a popular Korean festival which was named as a promising festival of the year by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, will be held for five days from July 17 to 21. Under the slogan “Chimac in Summer is an Indisputable Joy! Let’s go to Daegu, the mecca of Chimac!”, the festival will be held in Duryu Park, Pyeonghwa Market, Seobu Market, and E-World.



Daegu Chimac Festival




□ Celebrating this year as the first of the 100 years of Chimac Festival, Daegu Chimac Festival has made various changes in an effort to develop and strengthen and the program of events and establish itself as a festival that promotes the growth of global and local tourism industry, supported by the past three years of its success with over a million visitors each year.  

□ Daegu Chimac Festival isn’t just a tourism festival but also an industrial festival that aims to grow alongside local businesses. With the “Business Lounge,” which has been held in the previous two festivals, as well as the Chimac Grand Week Sale, which will be held for the first time this year, and lengthened festival hours, this year’s Chimac Festival is expected to contribute considerably to local economy and related businesses, solidifying its identity as an industrial festival.


□ The most exciting development in the Daegu tourism industry is the creation of new tourism programs using Daegu Chimac Festival, such as the Chimac Train Tour, which involves the KTX (Korea Train Express) that runs between Seoul Station and Dongdaegu Station.


○ Chimac Train is a tourism product developed to attract more foreign tourists to Daegu Chimac Festival. Those who decide to take part in Chimac Train will be on a tour of Daegu during the day and participate in Chimac Festival in the evening. On July 17 (Wednesday), the opening day of Daegu Chimac Festival, a welcome event will be held for the Chimac Train tourists at the Dongdaegu Station Plaza.


- (Welcome Event) Date and Time: July 17 (Wed) 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm / Venue: Dongdaegu Station Plaza / Number of Visitors: about 100 foreign visitors / Welcome ceremony (presentation of flower bouquets)


○ In addition, a “Global Zone” will be set up in the Duryu Baseball Stadium, the main venue for the festival, with 500 seats set aside for foreign tourists on group tours.


□ Another change in this year’s Chimac Festival is the diversification of beverages. In response to the demand for different types of beer than the ones distributed by major beer companies, the organizers plan to bring in craft beer, which has been growing in demand among certain fans.


○ The organizers of Chimac Festival will transform the February 28 Democratic Movement Memorial Park Parking Lot into a craft beer pavilion (Chimac Ice Pub) in order to attract craft breweries that are gaining competitiveness with the recent revision in Korea’s liquor tax system. They will also offer incentives, such as discounts on the use of booths and a walk-in cooler to keep the beer chilled, providing an opportunity for craft breweries to promote and market their products.

* Introduction of the reserved seating system for visitors to enjoy chicken and beer in the best places

□ The Reserved Food and Beverage Zone and Global Zone are two new programs that will be introduced this year. Along with the Premium Lounge, which was set up for the first time in the previous year’s festival, these three places will be run as paid seating areas for people who have purchased tickets to make reservations. Tickets will be on sale on Naver, Timon, and Yanolza.

* Bigger and Greater Five Chimac Themes

□ As before, this year’s Daegu Chimac Festival events will be held in five different venues, each with a unique theme. The main venue, Duryu Baseball Stadium, will be set up as “Premium Chimac Club”; February 28 Democratic Movement Memorial Park Parking Lot, “Chimac Ice Pub”; Tourist Information Center Parking Lot, “Chimac Market”; Duryu Park Street, “Chimac Road”; and the outdoor concert hall, “Chimac Live Park.”