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Daegu selected to host 2021 International Children’s Game
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The ICG committee in Lake Placid, United States decided on January 6


Daegu Metropolitan City will host International Children’s Games (ICG) in 2021, called the world’s largest youth Olympics. On January 6, the ICG committee in Lake Placid unanimously decided to designate Daegu as a host city of the 2021 ICG. ICG Executive Committee president announced that it granted Daegu an opportunity to make presentation that the committee decided is the most suitable city following site inspection of five cities in Israel, China, Taiwan, Mexico, and Korea that expressed wishes to host it.

And it was also decided that 2021 ICG General Assembly will be held in Daegu. The General Assembly meeting held every four years revises regulations of ICG and appoint its new members of executive committee.


□ ICG aims to contribute to the world peace by promoting friendship among youths aged between 12 and 15 regardless of politics, religion and races, and by preserving the Olympic spirit. With its first event in 1968, ICG has been held every year with the latest evet in Israel in 2018. ICG was recognized by IOC in 1990.


□ Europe has hosted 41 events, the most. And in Asia, Thailand, Bahrain and Taiwan hosted it. Following 2012, Daegu will host it again this year as Taipei hosted it twice.


□ To host ICG, Daegu City had meetings with ICG executive committee members during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in February 2018, and ICG Committee President Torsten Rasch and officials examined stadiums and accommodation facilities in October 2018.

□ ICG 2021 will have eight sports including track and fields, and swimming, Taikwondo in Daegu Stadium, Duryu Swimming Pool, Keimyung University and gymnasiums in neighborhood with the university dormitory as athlete’s village. Sisterhood between middle schools of Daegu and participating cities will be arranged to foster dream and hope of youth.


□ Daegu City mayor Kwon Young-jin said, “Daegu as a global city is honored to make a great role for the world peace and youths through international sports, and I hope that this big sports event will help revitalize Daegu and Gyeongbuk region and promote tourism in the region.”