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Preventing crimes through urban design!
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Daegu Metropolitan City establishes the “Basic Plan for Crime Prevention through Urban Design”

Last month, Daegu Metropolitan City established the “Basic Plan for Crime Prevention through Urban Design in Daegu” as part of its efforts to apply crime prevention designs at the city level. Going forth, the city government plans to expand crime prevention designs across the city.

Basic Plan for Crime Prevention through Urban Design

Daegu Metropolitan City established the Basic Plan for Crime Prevention through Urban Design in Daegu. Through this, the city adopted crime prevention design techniques at the city level to prevent or reduce crimes and also laid the foundation to create a safe urban environment.

  The view of urban design is changing, as it is not only as a means to beautify and improve the urban landscape but also the way to study, interpret, and solve small and large social problems, such as crime prevention

The establishment of a five-year Basic Plan for Crime Prevention through Urban Design became mandatory through the implementation of the Ordinance of City Design for Crime Prevention in 2015, and the Daegu Metropolitan City proceeded with the establishment of the Basic Plan with the cooperation of the Daegu Metropolitan Police Agency and each police office. 

The Basic Plan systematically analyzed Daegus crime pattern and the citys spatial structure to draw out a crime prevention plan that has been customized for the city and propose the design direction and guidelines specific to each region within the city. 

  In this plan, the entrances and exits, fences, and landscape facilities have been appropriately placed in the city to provide the possibility of serving as an outlook, thereby strengthening natural surveillance in public spaces and securing an open field of vision in the city. In this way, the plan not only offers such design proposals for physically or psychologically preventing crimes but also provides a new direction for sustainable crime prevention by encouraging the residents to participate in exchange, bond, and use public spaces

This Basic Plan, in particular, proposed crime prevention designs for areas where people fear crimes, such as deteriorated residential areas, areas concentrated with studio apartments, and secluded alleys.

  For alleys lined with cars parked along the side and areas concentrated with studio apartment buildings supported by pilotis, the Basic Plan proposed the improvement of surveillance cameras and lights as well as the installation of mirror sheets and safety mirrors to eliminate blind spots. In addition, the Basic Plan proposed strengthening territoriality and promoting resident-motivated crime prevention design techniques, such as placing plants or creating small gardens that the residents can take care of. 

  Going forward, Daegu will continue to apply the design techniques proposed in the Basic Plan to environmental organization and urban renewal projects throughout the city.