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Daegu city government’s top 10 policies in 2018! Daegu, a place of change and innovation, realizes people’s hopes and desires!
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대구시 ( T. 120)

The Best of the Best Policy, chosen by the people, was Successful reduction of traffic accidents. Daegu is now a safe traffic city


Daegu Metropolitan City conducted street and online polling for 10 outstanding policies that contributed to the improvement of Daegu citizens’ convenience and the development of the municipal government. The results showed that the people of Daegu were most supportive of the “Successful reduction of traffic accidents. Daegu is now a safe traffic city.” 

 The final ranking of this year’s Top 10 Policies in Daegu was determined by adding the scores given by a panel of judges, consisting of the evaluation committee and experts from the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute and others, and scores given by the people. The people’s scores, in particular, accounted for 70 percent of the total scores to select the top 10 policies that changed people’s lives for the better. 

○ The citizen polling was held for 10 days, from November 20 to 29, through smart-voting on the city government website and in crowded places throughout Daegu, including Banwoldang Station, Dongdaegu Station, Seomun Market, and Kyungpook National University. A total of 6,021 Daegu citizens participated in the polling. 

○ The results showed that the “best of the best” policy was the “Successful reduction of traffic accidents. Daegu is now a safe traffic city.” By conducting special traffic safety assessments in intersections with frequent accidents, Daegu was able to remove six of its intersections from the list of top 20 intersections in Korea with the most number of accidents. In addition, the city succeeded in reducing traffic accidents, as the number of traffic accident deaths decreased by 27.4 percent and the number of traffic accidents dropped by 10 percent since 2014.

 Best Policy: Successful reduction of traffic accidents. Daegu is now a safe traffic city!

This policy seems to have well reflected the people’s desire for a safe city without traffic accidents, and the government implemented various projects as part of this policy, including the designation of protection areas for children and the elderly and improvements in related facilities, lowering the speed limit in the city center, installation of night street lights and painting road lanes with bright, reflective paint, and improved traffic culture and order. 

○ The second best policy was the construction of “Suseong Alpha City! The best leading model of smart cities,” which was implemented for the improvement of people’s quality of life. Suseong has been selected as a demonstration city through a national R&D project for smart cities. As a result, a total of KRW 1.4 billion will be invested in four areas—transportation, safety, administration hub, and local government proposals—by 2022 for the city to come up with the measures to resolve various issues in the city.

 Runner up: Suseong Alpha City! The best leading model of smart cities

As part of this project, Daegu will develop transportation and safety related technologies aimed at enhancing the share of public transport, reducing the amount of disaster damage, securing emergency response time (5 minutes), developing the basis for a national data hub, managing urban facilities, and creating smart traffic signal system and flow. 

○ The third place was the “Attracting water industry companies and the development of growth engines for water companies,” a policy focusing on water, which cannot be replaced by anything else and on which hangs the life and future of humanity. Through this policy, Daegu attracted 24 water industry companies, including Lotte Chemical, which created jobs for 879 people. By the end of the year, Daegu aims to complete the construction of the water cluster buildings in the Daegu National Industrial Complex, located in Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, and attract a total of 50 companies by June 2019.

 Third place: Attracting water industry companies and the development of growth engines for water companies

In particular, the city made its utmost efforts to request and persuade National Assembly members to enact the Act on the Development of Water Management Technology and the Promotion of the Water Industry, which was passed by the National Assembly on May 29 2018. This established the basis for a consistent promotion of policies, from attracting water industry companies, including those providing water supply and follow-up measures, to research and development, commercialization, and the operation and development of the water industry cluster. Therefore it is expected that Daegu will contribute to innovative growth that will turn Korea into a water industry powerhouse. 

○ The fourth popular policy was the “Daegu’s proud spirit of citizenship. The designation of February 28 now designated a national day for commemorating the democratization movement,” which enhances the pride of the Daegu residents. As the city where Korea’s democratization movement began, the designation of the national democratization day enhanced the image of Daegu as a city of patriotism, which led the democratization of the Republic of Korea.

 Fourth place: Daegu’s proud spirit of citizenship. February 28 now designated a national day for commemorating the democratization movement

In addition, the February 28 Democratization Movement Ceremony was promoted to become a central government event, and it will also be included in elementary school textbooks. This is also significant in that it is the first national commemoration day that originated from the Daebu Gyeongbuk area and became a proud spiritual asset of the whole nation. 

 Other best policies included:
 First in the country! ‘Memory school’ for the elderly with mild dementia to restore their memories,” which provides daily caring service and cognitive rehabilitation program for the elderly with mild dementia and reduces the burden on the family (5th place), 
 Building a platform for new technologies to bring people and technology together,” through which Daegu provides the test bed and acts as a window for new technology and methods (6th place), 
 Painting the future of Daegu and making a promise to its people through the 7th civilian administration,” which included accepting suggestions from citizens over the course of 100 days, held intergenerational meetings, and collected opinion from the people to create a slogan for the municipal government. (7th place), 
 Daegu’s star company fostering system becomes a role model for the country,” which became the basis for having 30 companies from Daegu become part of the World Class 300. (8th place),
 Daegu takes the lead in ushering in the future of social economy,” the best private-public cooperation policy (9th place), and 
 Resolving old issues: Urban development project to create a safe new town.” (10th place).

 Daegu’s Vice Mayor Lee Sang-gil remarked, “The 10 policies that were voted as the best of Daegu’s policies this year are producing visual results thanks to the efforts and passion of the people to create changes and innovations in various areas, including industries, economy, transportation, culture, space, and sharing. All of this was possible through people’s participation and desire for change. Daegu will continue to work to create a happier future of its people through endless innovation of the administration, and I would like to ask for your interest and participation.”

□ At the regular assembly on December 11 (Tues.), Daegu will present awards to the departments in charge of the policies that have been voted as the “Top 10 Policies in Daegu 2018.”