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In December, Daegu is infused with the aroma of coffee
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대구시 ( T. 120)

Daegu Coffee Week to be held from November 29 (Thurs) to December 2 (Sun)


The 2018 Daegu Coffee Week events will be held from November 29 (Thurs) to December 2 (Sun) at EXCO and Suseongmot Lake (Sanghwa Dongsan).


□ Daegu Coffee Week is a major winter festival held in Daegu, which provides an opportunity for Daegu to promote its coffee industry by utilizing the city’s excellent coffee industry infrastructure and for the people to enjoy coffee and performances.

□ During the 2018 Daegu Coffee Week, the 8th Daegu Coffee and Café Fair and the 2nd Daegu Coffee and Bakery Festival will be held together, providing coffee-related business consultations and exhibition as well as entertainment for the people.

○ The 8th Daegu Coffee and Café Fair will consist of over 250 booths and over 90 participating companies, and the 2018 Daegu Dessert Show will be held at the same time. The fair will consist of the Coffee and Café Business Promotion Pavilion, Daegu Specialty Coffee Zone, Daegu Coffee and Café Special Planning Center (tasting experience zone), and Dessert and Bakery Promotion Pavilion, as well as various competitions, public lectures (4th Coffee Forum), and tasting sessions.

○ This year, Daegu’s outstanding roasters aiming to provide specialty coffee will be showcased to provide quality coffee with excellent fragrance to the visitors. Coffee shops, including Good Taste Coffee, The Blossom, Arabia Coffee Roasters, 30 Espresso, and Decafree Coffee Roasters will participate to introduce their specialty coffee with unique tasting notes and fragrance.

○ The Special Exhibition, titled “Tree to Cup,” shows the process of making a cup of coffee, from picking coffee beans from trees to brewing a cup of coffee.

- This exhibition shows the growth of coffee trees and the transformation of raw coffee beans through the roasting process, which are new to ordinary visitors. In the Brewing Zone, visitors can also taste various flavors of coffee extracted with a variety of tools.
This year’s special exhibition is sponsored by the members of the Coffee Roasters Association of Daegu (C.RoAD) and the Roasting Technician Association (RoTA).

○ Other local coffee shops participating in the fair include Hands Coffee, EK Coffee Service Company, Steady Coffee, Right Coffee Bean Roaster (Hanaba Coffee), 1procoffee, Omnipotent Coffee Roaster.

In addition, local companies that provide coffee machines and various coffee-related equipment, including Hana Trading, City House, SH Company, Se-A Ice Maker, SEDIARCO, B&G Pyunghwa, Samwon FNC, EUNHA, and Eunha Furniture, will also participate in the fair, which will be an opportunity for Daegu to promote its excellent coffee infrastructure nationwide.
○ Competitions that will be held during the fair include the “Korea Student Barista Championship,” the largest of such competition in Korea that identifies outstanding personnel and supports startups, “Daegu Coffee Roasting Championship” for discovering skilled roasters, and the “World Coffee and Cocktail Championship” that presents a variety of drinks made with coffee and liquor. Many participants from across the world will vie for prizes this year.

○ In addition, various public lectures and seminars about coffee and coffee shops will be held for the general public and for experts during the Daegu Coffee Week. A number of lectures and sessions on coffee roasting and cupping, as well as consulting and marketing for coffee shops will provide a great opportunity for local coffee shop owners and prospective owners, as well as the general public interested in coffee to gain expert knowledge and read related trends.

○ The 2nd Daegu Coffee and Bakery Festival, which will be held along with the fair, will be held for three days from November 30 (Fri) to December 2 (Sun) at Suseongmot Lake Sanghwa Dongsan.

○ The festival’s program consists of promotional pavilion for coffee shops and bakeries, “Drawing with Coffee,” where participants use coffee dregs to draw pictures, “Coffee Brings Love,” which allows people to mail letters that will be sent a year later, “Coffee Talk Talk,” an interactive event allowing people to request songs and send in their stories, and “Coffee Concert,” with an acoustic guitar duo and classic music performances. It will allow the visitors to enjoy performances with coffee in the season that people think of a hot cup of coffee.

□ The 8th Daegu Coffee and Café Fair will be open from 10 am to 6 pm (5 pm on Sunday) during the Daegu Coffee Week, and the admission tickets cost KRW 5,000.

○ Admission tickets can be purchased on the Internet or at the event. For detailed information, please visit the website ( or contact the Fair Office (053-384-7244).

○ The Daegu Coffee and Bakery Festival will be held every day from 1 pm to 8 pm for free of charge. The Suseongmot Lake, where the festival events will be held, is frequently plagued with traffic jams, and therefore it would be advisable for visitors to use public transportation.

□ Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin remarked, “Daegu is a city with a long history of coffee and is well equipped with infrastructure. We hope to use coffee and spread the image of Daegu as the city of coffee. We will actively support Coffee Week so that it will be established as a new business-type cultural event in Daegu.”