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Becoming the central anti-aging city! The First Asia Pacific Anti-Aging Course held in 2018
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대구시 ( T. 120)

Spreading Medi-City Daegu’s outstanding medical technology to more than 100 foreign doctors from 17 countries in the Asia Pacific

The 1st Asia Pacific Anti-Aging Course (APAAC) will be held in Korea from November 23 (Fri) to 25 (Sun). Organized by the Daegu Metropolitan City and hosted by the Asia Pacific Anti-Aging Course Committee and the Daegu Convention and Visitors Bureau, the course will be held at EXCO and other local hospitals for over 100 foreign doctors and hospital employees from 17 countries.


□ This event will be held in Daegu, taking advantage of Daegu’s industrial strengths and network to provide training for medical personnel from the Pacific area. In addition, the event will be able to promote the overseas advancement of the medical industry, one of the five new growth industries in Daegu, attraction of medical tourists, and creation of Korean Wave in medicine.

○ The event will be divided into four specialties—dermatology, plastic surgery, hair transplantation, and dentistry. Over 100 medical personnel from 17 countries including China will be participating. Despite the lack of time for promotion, medical personnel from Cyprus in the Mediterranean, as well as Bulgaria, Russia, and Uzbekistan will be coming to Daegu to participate in the event.

□ With Korea becoming an aged society last year and expecting to become a super-aged nation in 2026, the anti-aging industry is becoming ever more important as a high value added industry that encompasses the medical industry, medicine, medical equipment, cosmetics, and food industry.

□ In line with this trend, the event will be held under the theme of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution and Anti-aging Medical Innovation” and consist of lectures and practice sessions (live surgery) in each of the four fields, exhibition of medical products, special sessions, and hospital management programs.

○ The program, prepared through the dedication and efforts of Daegu’s medical community, will be taught by 49 renowned lecturers in four fields from all over Korea, only available in the Asia Pacific Anti-Aging Course.

○ Practice sessions will be held in local hospitals. Live surgery and hands-on sessions at All For Skin (dermatology), V Plastic Surgery (plastic surgery), KNUH Hair Transplantation Center (hair transplantation), and EXCO (dentistry) will be able to provide a vivid display of Daegu’s outstanding medical technology.

□ The Anti-Aging Equipment and Material Exhibition, participated by 19 companies (organizations), will consist of 32 booths. It will be a platform for essential networking of companies that wish to advance overseas.

□ In addition, the special sessions on medical robots and AI, medical AR/VR, congenital vascular malformations, computational engineering, and 3D printing will provide an integrated program focusing on the anti-aging industry and Daegu’s ICT. Students from Daegu’s medical and engineering schools as well as related personnel are also welcome to participate.

□ Lastly, the hospital management program will be provided for hospital owners, managers, and coordinators, offering an opportunity to benchmark Daegu and Korea’s hospital service and operation system and also to help local hospitals to advance overseas.

□ Baek Chang-gon, the CEO of Daegu Convention and Visitors Bureau which hosts the APAAC, remarked, “For the success of the APAAC, we have applied all the know-hows of the Convention and Visitors Bureau from hosting hundreds of international conferences. We will continue to do our best for the APAAC to grow into a global convention and to create new industrial opportunities.”

□ At the opening ceremony, a musical gala show and hanbok fashion show will be held to introduce the culture of Daegu and Korea to foreign participants. On the evening of November 24 (Sat), the Daegu City Tour will be provided to showcase the city of Daegu, which will be followed by a dinner and networking session for Korean and foreign medical personnel.

□ Lee Seung Ho, chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the 2018 APAAC and the Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs of Daegu Metropolitan City, commented, “Daegu’s medical community including the Medi-City Daegu and leading medical institutions promoting medical tourism have worked hard for the APAAC. I believe that APAAC will allow Daegu to showcase its medical technology and enhance Daegu’s position in the Asia Pacific. And I hope that this event will provide an opportunity for Daegu to rise as the central city of the anti-aging industry in the Asia Pacific region.”