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“2018 Daegu Global Robot Business Forum”
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대구시 ( T. 120)

Held over four days from November 14 (Wed) to 17 (Sat), attended by nine robotics clusters from seven countries.


The 2018 Daegu Global Robot Business Forum, hosted by Daegu and attended by nine robotics clusters from seven countries, will be held for four days from November 14 in EXCO under the theme of “New Start, New Challenge ‘Beyond Borders.’”


The 2018 Daegu Global Robot Business Forum, organized by the Daegu Metropolitan City and hosted by the Daegyeong Robot Enterprise Promotion Association, Daegu Mechatronics and Materials Institute, EXCO, Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement, Daegu Gyeongbuk Headquarters of the Korea Industrial Complex Corporation, and Daegu Convention and Visitors Bureau, will be held for four days from November 14 to 17 at EXCO.

In 2017, five robotics clusters from four countries participated in the forum. This year, the number of participants has nearly doubled. Nine robotics clusters from seven countries including South Korea (Daegyeong Robot Enterprise Promotion Association), United States (Massachusetts Robotics Cluster and Silicon Valley Robotics), France (Rhone-Alpes and FFC Robotique), China (Zhejiang Province), Russia, Singapore, and Malaysia (Robotics and Automation Society), as well as over 400 people in robotics from Korea and abroad are expected to attend this year’s forum.
In particular, Russia, Singapore, and Malaysia, whose robotics related officials visited the previous year’s forum, decided to make their participation in the forum official starting this year. In addition, FFC Robotique from France also applied to officially participate in the forum. As a result it seems that over 100 people from more than 20 foreign companies from the United States and other countries will be in attendance.

On the first day of the Global Robot Business Forum, a briefing session on the robotics industry’s market creation project will be held, followed by the Global Robot Business Forum, and the Night of Global Robots.

- A briefing session will be held on Daegu Metropolitan City’s dynamic project for creating robotics industry market and strengthening the competitiveness of automation parts, which are yielding great results. During the session, reports on the results of the city’s support for local companies will be presented, and the direction for the following year’s initiative will be proposed.

- The business forum event will begin with an accurate trend analysis and keynote speech from an expert in future forecasting, followed by presentations on the “development of robotics technology and successful inter-corporation cooperation cases” from representatives of nine robotics clusters from seven countries under the theme of “
New Start, New Challenge ‘Beyond Borders,’” as well as an in-depth panel discussion of the presentations, chaired by Kim Chang-ho, president of Daegyeong Robot Enterprise Promotion Association.

The “Night of Global Robots” will be attended by over 400 people in robotics from Korea and abroad. It will be a platform for people from the academia, industry, research institutes, and governments to communicate and network. The event will include performances, networking hour for people in robotics, awarding of commendations, and dinner.

○ On the second day, a launching ceremony of Global Robot Cluster will be held, attended by Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin as well as representatives of nine robotics clusters from seven countries. The Global Robot Cluster is a global network of robotics clusters that agree on joint development and cooperation with each cluster performing different roles. The launching ceremony is significant as Daegu will become the home of the secretariat for this newly established international organization.

- In the special session on collaborate robots, experts from collaborative robot production companies (large corporations) such as Doosan and Hanhwa, automation parts companies, robot system integrators, research institutes, and universities will discuss the measures, strategies, and information on the development of models for creating and commercializing collaborative robots. This will also be a platform for providing various information to local robotics companies.

○ On the third day, over 50 people from Korean and foreign robotics clusters will visit the local robot manufacturer, Optimus System, and a robotics-based smart factory company Pyeong Hwa Automotive, as well as Kyungpook National University to learn about the future vision of Daegu’s robotics industry.

○ This year’s forum will be a meaningful event to seek joint development in the robotics industry through mutual cooperation between the robotics clusters of each nation through the launching of the Global Robot Cluster based on the pre-established global network. With the completion of the robotics industry cluster, which is occupied by global robotics companies including Hyundai Robotics, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, ABB, and KUKA, Daegu will be able to display its rapid transition from the mecca of the robotics industry in Korea from the city of traditional industries to the world.

○ President Kim Chang-ho of Daegyeong Robot Enterprise Promotion Association remarked on the significance of this year’s Robot Business Forum, saying “Advanced nations such as the United States and European countries have the most advanced technology in the robotics industry, and the market for robots are concentrated in Asia. Therefore international cooperation centered on these countries and companies is necessary.”

○ Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin commented, “We will continue to expand and develop the Daegu Global Robot Business Forum so that we can gather all the wisdom and capacity to turn Daegu into a leading city in robotics. In particular, I hope that the forum will become a platform for Daegu to enhance its status internationally and secure its leadership in the global robot market through the launching ceremony of the Global Robot Cluster.”