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Tanzanian Officials to Visit and Learn about Daegu’s Advanced e-Government
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October 8-12 / expect mutual exchange in e-Government-based city disaster and safety sector

  The Daegu Metropolitan City will invite six government officials from Tanzania and hold an invitational training workshop in informatization, such as the city disaster prevention system, for five days and four nights from October 8. 

○ This workshop is part of the feasibility survey project for “strengthening the capacity for e-government-based urban disaster prevention and safety in Tanzania (Ilemela District),” selected to provide consultation to overseas informatization projects by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency in July.

○ The program for providing consultation to overseas informatization projects was started by the Daegu Metropolitan Government to expand its project for “strengthening the capacity for e-government based urban disaster prevention and safety” to African countries.

○ This workshop will allow Tanzanian government officials to learn about Daegu’s e-Government and visit major city disaster prevention and safety facilities to help strengthen the capacity of the Tanzanian government officials in urban disaster prevention and provide a model for the Tanzanian (Ilemela District) government to use as a reference when promoting the informatization of their own natural and social disaster management system.

○ Tanzania (Ilemela District) is prone to flooding, due to its geographical characteristic, and has a number of structural weaknesses, such as the lack of a response system to disasters and insufficient equipment to handle the risk of fire and contagious diseases due to an increased number of informal settlements. Therefore the country needs a systematic and comprehensive disaster management program.

○ Tanzanian officials decided to participate in this workshop, hoping to learn from Daegu’s excellent city disaster management system and expertise in operating the system and to help advance Tanzania’s city disaster management system as well as its e-Government system.

○ Daegu expects that this workshop will contribute greatly to expanding cooperation between Daegu and Tanzania (Ilemela District).

○ Jeong Yeong-jun, the head of Planning and Coordination Office at the Daegu Metropolitan Government, explained, “We hope that this invitational workshop will serve as a foundation for strengthening the cooperative relationship between the two cities and also provide an opportunity for IT companies in Daegu to enter the overseas market.”