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Seungsi, a festival for Buddhist monks, to take place in Palgongsan!
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Must use public transportation to participate in the Palgongsan Seungsi Festival!

  The Daegu Metropolitan City and Donghwasa Temple will host the 9th Palgongsan Seungsi Festival at Donghwasa Temple, located at Palgongsan Mountain, from October 6 to 9. The only festival in Korea that reproduces the marketplace culture of Buddhist monks, the festival will feature various foods, events, and activities for families to enjoy in the cool autumn weather.


○ Seungsi, literally Buddhist monk market, was a market that Buddhist monks held on the mountainside to barter goods from the Goryeo dynasty to the Joseon dynasty. Through a modern interpretation of this unique historical and culture event, Daegu and Donghwasa Temple began to hold the annual Seungsi Festival in 2010, providing a unique and interesting event for visitors and Daegu residents alike.

○ The theme of this year’s Seungsi Festival is “Donghwagongju (One in Harmony, Living in Unity),” and the organizers hope to recreate a marketplace of harmony, where monks and the laypeople, different generations, various regions and cultures come together to share a sense of kinship and overcome their differences.

○ This year’s festival will feature Seungsi Recreation Event, Marketplace, Exhibition, Art Market in the Mountains, and Cultural Activities. With these various programs and events, the festival will have something for everyone to enjoy.

○ In particular, the musical drama play “An Encounter at the Market” about Seungsi will be held every day of the festival, providing entertainment for the viewers, and visitors can learn and experience various aspects of traditional life at a Buddhist temple through wrestling matches between Buddhist monks, Korea Dharma Drumming Competition, Buddhist monk marketplace, and temple food street.

○ For people of all ages to enjoy the festival, a children’s playground will be available, featuring a children’s concert, an air bounce castle, and a nursing facility. In addition, wheelchair and stroller rentals will be provided free of charge, and a shuttle will circle every event venue to provide convenient transportation to those who need it.

○ Detailed information and schedule about the Seungsi Festival is available in the attached file.
  - Main event: Baru Gongyang (formal Buddhist meal) (October 6-9. 11:00 am)
    ※ Make a reservation online at 40 seats available each day on a first-come first-served basis.

○ Expecting traffic congestion during the Seungsi Festival due to an increased number of visitors, the Daegu Metropolitan Government will provide two additional buses running from Dongdaegu Station to Donghwasa Temple (No. 1 Express) for the convenience of the visitors. The city will also operate five shuttle buses from Donghwasa Temple Bus Station (Cine 80) to Donghwamun Gate at the Donghwasa Temple, and from Bonghwangmun Gate to Tongilgyo Bridge.

○ Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin remarked, “We have prepared various programs and events for visitors to enjoy at the only traditional Seungsi festival in Korea. We welcome everyone to come and have fun.” He added, “To avoid traffic congestion during the festival period, please use public transportation.”