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Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin to Break into the Dutch Water Market
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Kwon to participate in the European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018

  Kwon Young-jin, mayor of Daegu, will visit the Netherlands from September 23 to 28 with a delegation of thirty people, including seven company representatives as well as officials from Daegu Environmental Corporation, Daegu TP, and Dyetec. In order to foster the water industry, which is one of the key strategic industries of the future, the delegation will focus on pioneering a water market and finding new growth industries for Daegu by benchmarking eco-friendly corporations, focusing on waterless dyeing technology, urban regeneration, and smart facilities.

○ During this visit, Mayor Kwon will participate in the European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018 along with the representatives of water companies and meet with the vice governor of Friesland (Daegu’s Friendship City) to discuss cooperation between the two cities.

○ Government officials and policy leaders from various sectors (innovation, technology, and science), as well as corporations and universities from around the world will be attending the European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018, which will be held in Friesland, Netherlands, under the theme “Connecting Global Water Tech Hubs.” The participants will introduce various outstanding water technologies that each city and country have to look for ways to resolve the water problems that each region is facing.

○ During this water week event, Chung Jin Young, professor at Yeungnam University, will be representing Daegu, introducing Daegu’s history of water, expertise in water management, and the Korea Water Cluster to inform the world of Daegu’s outstanding status as water-centered city.

○ During the visit, the delegation will match Dutch corporations who are members of the Water Alliance, a partnership of water technology organizations in the Netherlands, with Korean corporations. In addition, Woojin and Yusung Engineering, two Korean water technology companies that are located in the Korea Water Cluster, will participate as well to seek for ways to take part in possible business projects.

○ Through the matching event for water technology companies in the Netherlands and Korea, the Daegu delegation will look for ways to jointly advance Korean and Dutch water technology businesses overseas, such as into the Southeast Asian market, and show Daegu’s status as a city with an advanced water industry by promoting excellent water industry infrastructure and water technology.

○ Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin will also meet with the vice governor of Friesland and share various opinions on the water crisis across the world and the development of the water industry based on the MOU signed between the two cities on cooperation in the water sector. In addition, the mayor and the vice governor will discuss the expansion of exchanges between the two cities beyond the water industry, such as mutual participation in international conferences and exhibitions, participation in the Chimaek (Korean fried chicken and beer) festival, exchanges between sports teams.

○ The Daegu delegation will also visit De Ceuvel*, an urban renewal and smart facility, and a smart city corporation, MVRDV**, to find ideas for Daegu’s urban planning, urban renewal, and smart city projects. The delegation will pay a visit to DyeCOO as well, which specializes in waterless dyeing, to find eco-friendly technology for Daegu’s textile companies.
  * Formerly a shipyard, an urban development area where a demo remote water supply inspection project, including blockchain-based energy, is scheduled to be implemented
  ** A Dutch corporation that specializes in urban planning and urban renewal through datascape, an eco-friendly design method.

○ Mayor Kwon Young-jin remarked, “This visit to the Netherlands will provide us an opportunity to work with various cities and organizations to come up with a solution to the water crisis by sharing our expertise and experiences in water technology development and resolving water problems. It would also be a platform for water-related organizations in Friesland and those in the Korea Water Cluster to strengthen cooperative exchanges.”