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Cutting-edge futuristic ICT convergence technologies gather at “smart city” Daegu
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대구시 ( T. 120)

2018 ICT Convergence Expo Korea held at EXCO

  The 2018 ICT Convergence Expo Korea (ITCE 2018), a display of cutting-edge ICT convergence products and technologies combined with discussions on preemptive response methods for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, was held from September 13 (Thu) through 15 (Sat) at Daegu’s EXCO.



○ Jointly hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City, Gyeongsangbukdo, and the Ministry of Science and ICT and supervised by EXCO, the Korea Information Society Agency, Institute of Information Technology Advancement, and ET News, the expo is the region’s foremost ICT trade show.

○ In its 13th run this year, ITCE 2018 was comprised of over 130 Korean and foreign companies and over 450 booths. It displayed a wide range of ICT convergence products and technologies, including mobile technologies, drones, SW, IoT, 3D, and VR/AR.

○ Two special zones (Smart City, Sports ICT) were accompanied by diverse supplementary events and programs, including a conference, an export consultation session, venture investment consultations and a drone contest. ITCE 2018 was held alongside iTIP 2018 and the 5th Daegu Cyber Security Conference.

○ The Smart City Special Zone, which displayed Daegu’s pioneering “smart city” features, featured the Smart City Platform that the Daegu Urban Development Corporation applied to Suseong Alpha City in addition to 13 smart city services in five areas that are currently available in Daegu. It displayed and/or demonstrated the city’s most representative services in the transportation, safety, lifestyle, energy, and urban management sectors and also demonstrated the comprehensive control system for these services through the Smart City Platform.

  - Over 10 companies, including RSUPPORT, Avonne, and Jaejin Power LED, displayed their smart city-related products and technologies. One of the items displayed was a self-driving vehicle that will be used at the 2018 Presidential Autonomous Vehicle Competition, which will be held in November at Suseong Alpha City.

○ Amidst the increasing importance of cyber security as a key source technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the 5th Daegu Cyber Security Conference was held on September 14 (hosted by: Yeungnam College of Science & Technology, Korea Internet & Security Agency).

  - Presentations were given on cyber security technology and relevant examples under the theme “Cyber Secure Smart City DAEGU.” The “Cyber Secure Zone,” which was created by approximately 10 cyber security companies, featured innovative technologies and services related to data security. Such efforts are expected to serve as the starting point for the creation of smart cities that are both safer and smarter.

○ This year’s expo also included an occasion for prospective ICT entrepreneurs to meet with representatives from existing start-ups. Daegu Software High School, which plays a vital role in the early cultivation of software experts at the front lines of ICT entrepreneurship, participated through the “Student Development Project,” featuring innovative student ideas (e.g. a program that can measure changes in architectural structures, space use application service).

  - An employment consultation session (for university seniors and participating companies) was held alongside project presentations to connect capable SW developers with companies to ultimately result in the creation of more jobs. The EXCO Start-up Square Zone featured products created by “small but strong” start-up companies (LILLYCOVER, Mind Elevation, AUTOIN, Jeil Tran, etc.).

○ The venture investment IR/consultation session was held on the afternoon of September 13 for those who are interested in gaining investments for ICT venture companies. Co-hosted by the Korean Venture Capital Association and EXCO, 11 of Korea’s top venture capital firms conducted 1:1 consultations for 10 participating companies.

○ The “ICT Convergence Talk Show,” which was held on September 14 at 2:30 pm at the conference venue, was comprised of two presentations: “The answer is networks and data” (Prof. Jeong Ha-woong, KAIST) and “Fourth Industrial Revolution: The arrival of the future” (Prof. Choi Jae-boong, Sungkyunkwan University). The occasion, which aimed to provide the latest information on the most relevant ICT-related issues, was full of animated exchanges of interesting and relevant information. In addition, several seminars were held by ICT supporting institutions (e.g. Software Value-up Seminar, Strategic Seminar on the Reuse and AR Application of Smart Phones).

○ The 2018 Information Technology and Industry Prospects, which is hosted by the Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers, was also held at the same time as the expo (Sept. 14~15). The symposium, which was based on the theme “Beyond AI & Connected S/W Platform,” included keynote lectures by Jeong Ha-woong (KAIST), Choi Jae-boong (Sungkyunkwan University), Cho Geum-won (vice director, KISTI), and Kwon In-so (KAIST). The lectures explored issues related to future information technology and industries (AI, blockchain/fintech, smart city, smart medicine, etc.) and proposed the direction that these technologies and industries should take. The symposium aimed to onvey information that can be of substantive assistance to the development of the Korean data industry.

○ The expo was attended and participated in by prominent Korean institutions that are leading the way in proposing visions for the ICT industry and revitalizing the smart city industry (Electronics and Communications Research Institute, Daegu Technopark Mobile Technology Convergence Center, Daegu Technopark Sports Complex Industrial Support Center, Pohang Technopark Gyeongbuk Software Convergence Center, Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency, Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute, Institute of Advanced Convergence Technology, Gumi Electronics & Information Technology Research Institute, Korea IT Business Women’s Association, Center for Intelligent Construction Automation). Together with corporations, these institutions featured joint exhibition areas of the latest technologies and research outcomes.

○ There were also various hands-on programs for the general public. “Drone racing” and “drone soccer,” which have both been held for three years, were open to all ages. Programs like AR Climbing (the incubator of the convergence of ICT and sports), 4D VR simulator, and e-mobility experience enabled many visitors to see and feel cutting-edge info-communications technologies for themselves.

○ Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin said, “The 2018 expo offered not only ICT demonstrations and product displays but also the exchange of information and academic insight as well as fun hands-on activities. We believe that this occasion was a wonderful opportunity for the general public to directly experience the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Daegu Smart City of the future that will be created via info-communication technology.”