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Daegu to become a world leader of integrative medicine
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대구시 ( T. 120)

Research outcomes on integrative medicine shared at Global Clinical Research Summit 2018

  The GLOBAL Clinical Research SUMMIT 2018 (GCRS), an international conference in the integrative medicine sector that aims to share research outcomes on Western-Korean integrative medicine with world-class clinical medicine experts and discuss methods for its global industrialization, was held on September 7 at the National Assembly. The summit was hosted by National Assemblyman Kang Hyo-sang and sponsored by Daegu Metropolitan City and the Ministry of Health and Welfare.


○ Integrative medicine is an emerging model of medical care that conducts joint curative endeavors and research between modern (Western) and traditional Korean medicine based on a mutual understanding of one another’s characteristics. Integrative medicine is progressing especially quickly in the US and Europe and becoming increasingly spotlighted through focus on the “holistic care system,” which increases cure rates for irreversible diseases and helps to improve patients’ quality of life.

○ Having cultivated integrative medicine as a specialized medical business ahead of any other local government, Daegu Metropolitan City founded the Comprehensive & Integrative Medicine Hospital (CIMH) in 2015. The CIMH is Korea’s first research hospital that specializes in combined Western-Eastern medical treatment of patients with irreversible or chronic conditions. In June, it gained certification from the US’ Food and Drug Administration for Zi Yin Jiang Huo Tang* (the first-ever use of over 10 composite (non-single) substances) as an NDI (new dietary ingredient).
  * A prescription made of 12 medicinal herbs (Korean angelica, peony, Rehmannia glutinosa, etc.) that is listed in the Dongui Bogam, known to be effective in the treatment of the various symptoms that occur due to the decrease in the body’s yin energy. Registered as an antitussive/mucolytic agent by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Confirmed to have an enhanced curative effect when administered together with tamoxiphen (anti-breast cancer drug).

○ The CIMH, the supervisory institution of this year’s GCRS, is now able to conduct clinical tests on the coadministration of traditional Korean medicine and American/foreign medicines through the NDI certification of Zi Yin Jiang Huo Tang. It also stated that the certification will be of significant assistance in the treatment of countless patients with irreversible diseases as well as the promotion of the excellence of traditional Korean medicine throughout the world.

○ GCRS 2018, which was held under the theme “GREAT SUCCESS: 1st US FDA NDI Approval of ARI-JE,” embodied a multilateral approach to the fast-developing health and medical industry (revolutionary medicine, cutting-edge medicine, integrative medicine, etc.), from research to industrialization.

○ The summit discussed the outcomes of research on integrative medicine conducted at Harvard and Georgetown Universities (US), Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital[ESK1]  (China), and Korean medical start-ups aribio and Jungwoo BIT. Discussions were also held on not only SHI (standardization & harmonization, integration) and ways for integrative medicine to be systematized in Korea and overseas for the advancement and global industrialization of integrative medicine but also the acceleration and creation of innovative research models for clinical medicine.

○ The development of new medical technologies (medicine/medical supplies, medical devices, complex medicines, etc.) and the results of subsequent clinical research were particularly noted as factors that can expedite domestic and foreign industrialization. The development of the medical industry and services that is bound to follow is expected to play an important role in increased welfare for citizens and economic development.

○ Further information about GCRS 2018 can be found at the summit’s official website (