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Heating up the summer night in Dongseongno with dramatic performances about decentralization
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대구시 ( T. 120)

Heating up the summer night in Dongseongno with dramatic performances about decentralization

Decentralization musical gala performance becomes first musical in Korea to be based on a decentralization theme

On August 16 at 19:30, the Daegu Metropolitan City Decentralization Council (chairman: Choi Baek-young, DDC) will be hosting a decentralization musical gala on the outdoor stage of Daegu Department Store.


○ Busking performances of decentralization-themed musicals will be done by the Daegu-based musical companies NABI and Breeze. All performances will be featured in Dongseongno at Daegu Department Store’s outdoor stage (August 16 and 30; September 13) at 19:30.


○ These busking performances will highlight the importance of decentralization through dramatic and musical formats, including renditions of famous songs from familiar musicals (“Dancing Queen” from Mamma Mia!, “Summer Nights” from Grease, and songs from Les Miserables).


○ The promotion of decentralization in a musical format—the first such attempt in Korea—is expected to help citizens gain a better understanding of decentralization and make it more relatable on an everyday level.


○ In between the musical numbers, short and humorous dramatic performances will be given on reasons why decentralization is necessary, aiming to resonate with citizens on this issue. Actors will give entertaining performances on decentralization (definition of decentralization, young people’s fantasies about Seoul and their reasons for leaving their hometowns for Seoul, the difficulties of living in Seoul and yearning for home, the frustrating reality of local governments that cannot independently enact ordinances for citizens, and performances by citizens expressing their dedication to participating in decentralization efforts). These shows are expected to appeal to audiences because decentralization is not a concept that is separate from everyday life but a reality that has direct impacts on citizens’ lives.


○ Making a bold break from existing methods of education (debates and lecture-style seminars in predetermined locations), this event is significant in that it is being held for the first time ever in a city that is a leading advocate of both decentralization and musicals. Based on its success in Daegu, this event is expected to be expanded nationwide in the near future.


DDC Chairman Choi Baek-young said, “The DDC thought long and hard to come up with an easy and fun way to explain decentralization to citizens, and this promotional method, which uses busking-based renditions of musicals, is the result of that effort. As this is the first time an event of this type has been held in Korea, we hope that the uniqueness of the format successfully attracts citizens’ attention to the importance of decentralization and encourages their participation in related activities in the future.”


○ Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin said, “Decentralization is an important issue that is closely related to the everyday lives of citizens, but it is of no use if citizens—the beneficiaries—do not understand what it is. Daegu Metropolitan City has actively led the way in informing citizens of the necessity of decentralization and will continue its efforts to present this concept to citizens in fun and easy-to-understand ways.”


○ Daegu is the first city in Korea to pursue decentralization and has actively engaged in activities toward that end. It was the first city to enact the Ordinance on the Expedition and Support of Decentralization (December 30, 2011) and founded the DDC (September 4, 2012). Most recently, the city launched the third DDC (December 14, 2016), featuring 34 experts in relevant areas.


○ Daegu was also the first metropolitan city and primary local government in Korea to enact a decentralization ordinance. In November 2016, Daegu Metropolitan City and all counties and districts of Daegu formed decentralization councils. The Daegu Metropolitan City Decentralization Council was launched as a cooperative body of the metropolitan and county/district-based councils. 


*Number of councils/bodies based in Daegu: nine (71 nationwide (metropolitan: 17, primary local government: 54))


- Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin has consistently worked to revitalize decentralization, creating the Leading Decentralization City Preparation Team in 2015 and establishing a three-year decentralization plan. These efforts have made significant contributions to Daegu’s current status as a major proponent of decentralization.

- During the presidential campaign of 2017, over 5,000 Daegu citizens gathered to participate in the “Daegu Rally for Decentralization Amendment,” conveying an open appeal to the presidential candidates for the realization of decentralization. The commitment of Daegu citizens to decentralization is currently regarded as a model case for other localities.

- To enhance citizens’ understanding of decentralization, Daegu Metropolitan City has conducted various media campaigns, information sessions, debates, forums, town hall meetings, and even a hip-hop concert. Decentralization is a designated joint task of the Dalbit Partnership (a Daegu-Gwangju cooperative body), and the DDC is a primary agent in the planning of the National Decentralization Council as well as a central axis of relevant councils nationwide.