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Enjoy a refreshing culture vacation in downtown Daegu
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대구시 ( T. 120)

Enjoy a refreshing culture vacation in downtown Daegu

Daegu transforms into a stage for cultural performances and exhibitions amid the unending summer heat

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Kansong Luxury Joseon Painting Exhibition            KIM Whanki

Throughout the month of August, when midday temperatures and the intensity of tropical nights in Korea reach their peak, Daegu Metropolitan City will be hosting a number of cultural events to help citizens take their minds off the heat and regain some semblance of emotional stability. Filled with Joseon dynasty paintings, contemporary art, a horror festival, body painting, and speaking events (“talk concerts”) with celebrities and prominent figures, the entire city has become a stage for cultural performances and exhibitions, despite the persistent summer heat.

○ Amid this summer’s record-breaking heat wave, which shows no signs of abating any time soon, the Daegu Art Museum has become one of Korea’s hottest summer retreat spots. The Kansong Luxury Joseon Painting Exhibition[ESK1] , which features paintings (even including some National Treasures) by the most skilled and prominent artists of the Joseon dynasty, and the KIM Whanki exhibition, which features artworks by contemporary Korean master painter Kim Whanki, are attracting visitors from all over the country by word of mouth alone (average number of visitors per day: 1,700).

Kim Hong-do, Shin Yun-bok, and Jang Seung Eop / Jeong Seon, Sim Sa-jeong, and Cho Yeong-seok


▲ Opera-contemporary art talk concert

○ The exhibitions hosted by the Daegu Art Museum are particularly impressive, in terms of both quantity and quality, with many visitors coming all the way from Seoul to see the artworks. The museum offers a range of fee discounts and exemptions to enable as many citizens as possible to enjoy its exhibitions. 

* (Fee exemption)

· Senior citizens (age 65 or above), children aged 4 or below, and persons of national merit (with one companion)

- Welfare recipients (grades 1 to 3, with one companion) and recipients of basic livelihood security benefits


○ In addition, a collaborative event that combined opera and contemporary art was held on August 4 (Saturday) at 17:00 at the Daegu Art Museum. Despite the somewhat intimidating genres, the event, which was presented by the Daegu Opera House and Daegu Art Museum, was actually quite appealing to a broad audience. Held in dialogue format, the event introduced the origins of Western music and opera in Korea in a way that was easily understood by those in attendance. An introduction to the origin of contemporary Korean art and the works of Kim Whanki was accompanied by performances by Soprano Cho Ji-young, Tenor Kim Dong-nyeok, and other opera singers, who sang the arias that they will be performing at the 16th Daegu International Opera Festival. The event was an invaluable opportunity for visitors to enjoy an intimate experience of opera and contemporary art.


○ Outstanding concert bands from all over Korea gave performances at the Kolon Outdoor Music Stage until August 4 (Saturday), playing familiar tunes from pop music and movie soundtracks as well as the latest hit songs. They also treated listeners to clear, melodic tones that are unique to wind instruments, allowing everyone in attendance to enjoy a romantic and refreshing summer night. The Daegu International Bodypainting Festival, which never fails to captivate citizens with works of art painted directly onto peoples’ bodies, was held from August 25 (Saturday) to 26 (Sunday).


▲ 2017 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival

○ The Daegu International Horror Festival, which was inspired by the Korean contemporary custom of enjoying horror-related culture in the summer, uses Daegu’s “Daefrica” image (a neologism that combines “Daegu” and “Africa” to emphasize the intensity of the city’s heat wave) to its advantage. Held at Daegu Stadium Plaza from August 2 (Thursday) to 5 (Sunday), the festival will help citizens forget about the heat by offering a wide variety of unique experiences (horror-themed performances, horror IT experience zone, Horror Party, costume/make-up experience, etc.).


○ There will also be a number of special concerts at Daegu Concert House in August: Groupo Di Tempera concert (August 12 (Sunday)), European Soloists Concert (August 17 (Friday)), and a subscription concert by the Daegu Symphony Orchestra (August 24 (Friday)). Cultural performances, experiences, and sights, including the 2018 East Asia Bojagi Festival and the “Tuesday Traditional Music Stage” by the Daegu Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra, will also be staged, dazzling Daegu citizens.


○ Director Han Man-su of Daegu City Hall’s Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau said, “Rather than visiting the ocean and streams, more and more people want to spend their summer holiday enjoying culture in the heart of the city. To provide a safe and refreshing summertime experience for all citizens, Daegu Metropolitan City has expanded its offering of cultural events held in air-conditioned indoor venues for those who wish to escape the summer heat and organized more outdoor nighttime concerts for those who enjoy feeling the cool night air against their skin.”