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Daegu Metro to take responsibility for maintenance of Singapore’s Sentosa Express
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대구시 ( T. 120)

Daegu Metro to take responsibility for maintenance of Singapore’s Sentosa Express

Green light for Daegu’s entrance into the monorail and light rail markets of Southeast Asia

○ On July 26 (11:00 local time), Daegu Metro announced that it signed a contract with SDC (Sentosa Development Corporation), which oversees the developmental operation of Sentosa Island. The subject of the contract is the maintenance of Sentosa Express, the monorail line serving Singapore’s Sentosa Island, which is better known for hosting the North Korea-United States summit of June 12.

external_imagePhoto taken after contract signing

external_imageSentosa Monorail currently in service

○ The contract signing ceremony was attended by Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin and Daegu Metro President Hong Seung-hwal. In light of the fact that the contract is, in its broadest terms, a contract between nations, Daegu Metropolitan City promised its full support and the faithful execution of the contract for the success of the project. The city also promoted the strengthening of the relationship of trust between Singapore and South Korea.


○ The driving force behind Daegu Metro’s winning of the maintenance project for the internationally renowned Sentosa Express, making it the first Korean urban railway corporation to secure such a project in the international market, is Daegu Metro’s development of a new overseas business project that aligns with Mayor Kwon’s policy stance on the creation of added value by public corporations. Upon entering the bidding competition in July 2017 with over 10 other international companies, Daegu Metro received a high score on the Singapore government’s strict assessment for its accident-free operation (for three years) of the city’s Line 3 monorail (30 stations and 23.1 kilometers). Daegu Metro was also recognized for its independently developed technology and system adaptation capability.


○ Sentosa Island is well-known as the site of the recent North Korea-United States summit. Designated by TripZilla as the number-one destination in Singapore in 2017, it receives approximately 19 million tourists every year. Together with roads and cable cars, Sentosa Express is a key means of transportation that connects Sentosa to the main island. A fully-elevated 2.1-kilometer monorail line with four stations, Sentosa Express is the most convenient way for tourists to get to the world-class resort island.


○ The project’s scope of implementation is monorail operation and management, with a duration of five years and total budget of KRW 18.6 billion (approx. KRW 4 billion per year). Work on the project will begin in March 2019. After establishing a relationship of trust with Sentosa Express in relation to urban railway operations technology, Daegu Metro plans to secure an additional contract of at least 10 years for overall operations, including heavy equipment (KRW 10 billion per year).


○ What is most significant about the Sentosa Express maintenance project is that it is proof of the international acknowledgement of Daegu Metro’s capabilities in monorail operation and maintenance. The project is thus expected to serve as a bridgehead for Daegu Metro’s entrance into the monorail and light rail markets of Southeast Asia (Philippines, Thailand, etc.) and Central America (Panama, etc.).


○ Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin said, “The project with Sentosa Express is the first ever case of a Korean urban railway management corporation gaining a foothold in the international market. It is also a wonderful opportunity to spread awareness of Daegu’s city brand. Going forward, Daegu Metropolitan City will be actively participating in and providing support for the consistent development of overseas projects with potential for future expansion.”