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Calling all Daegu youth—join the ‘DG Jump’ online community!
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대구시 ( T. 120)

Daegu community portal ‘DG Jump’ ( opens to give young Daegu residents a platform for communication and exchange

On June 22, Daegu Metropolitan City and the Daegu Youth Center officially opened the Daegu youth community portal ‘DG Jump’ ( The portal aims to provide young people in Daegu with an online space for communication, exchange, and cooperation. The portal will also serve as a comprehensive bulletin board offering information on local youth events, spaces, organizations, and funded projects all in one place.


m  DG Jump was initially proposed in 2016 by Youth ON (a youth policy research platform) as part of plans to establish a youth database and MAP to provide young people with an avenue of information and communication.

m  Several advisory meetings, attended by local youths and experts, were held to collect and organize the many different opinions of the area’s youths and to determine what types of information were most relevant to young users. This information was then entered into an optimized system. The DG Jump Supporters, made up of Daegu youths, was established with the goal of finding and improving weak areas in the system. After a pre-opening trial period and test operation, DG Jump began regular services on June 20.

m  DG Jump is a community platform that enables young individuals, youth groups and organizations, youth-targeted spaces, and businesses run by young entrepreneurs to communicate and cooperate with one another. It is a space connecting online and offline entities that is based on the hope that young people from various walks of life can grow together and ‘jump’ toward a brighter future.

m  DG Jump is comprised of four major parts: Youth Events, Youth Spaces, Youth Information, and Youth Communities.

      Youth Events: Provides information not only on events conducted by youth organizations but also enables the registration of “small groups” by users themselves.

      Youth Spaces: Currently, there are over 60 registered spaces and 50 youth organizations/extracurricular groups that young people can easily visit to communicate and interact with one another. Any young person who is interested in networking and community activities is welcome to join. Youth Spaces will be continued to be used to gather more organizations and databases.

      Youth Information: Offers up-to-date information on public/funded projects and youth-related policies and issues (employment/entrepreneurship, communication and financial stability, housing, culture and the arts, etc.) and other relevant information.

      Youth Communities: Comprised of the Youth Life Counseling Center, Talk Bulletin, and questionnaires. The Youth Life Counseling Center was established to offer emotional support to young people in emotional distress (caused by a lack of stable jobs, housing problems, difficulty choosing a career path, etc.) and connect them with professional services. The center is made up of three ‘corners’ (psychology, entrepreneurship, and career) and offers counseling services that young people can access whenever they feel the need.

m  For individuals, DG Jump provides information on public projects, youth events, employment and entrepreneurship, education, and culture and the arts. The Open Bulletin and Talk Bulletin, in particular, promote the unrestricted exchange of opinions and ideas.

m  For youth organizations, the platform provides online spaces to strengthen local networks. Once an organization has applied and been approved for DG Jump membership, it can then freely participate on the DG Jump platform.

m  The counseling services provided by the Youth Life Counseling Center are designed to help young people navigate any difficulties they may face in life and connect them to the appropriate services. Counseling services offered through the center are expected to create an influx of young people who wish to participate in funded projects and various social activities.

m  For further information or to apply for membership, please refer to DG Jump’s official website (

m  The Daegu Youth Center, the operating organization of DG Jump, will be running an early-bird membership event for youth organizations until July 31 to encourage youth organizations to join and actively use the platform.

      Organizations that apply for membership during the early-bird event will receive support in terms of social media promotion as well as a certification logo from DG Jump. On the last day of each month, DG Jump will offer online poster/group logo production services for events hosted by member organizations (provided on a first-come, first-served basis). Also, events that entail collaboration/communication between member organizations will be eligible for a modest level of financial support (pending an assessment of the event in question).

m  In the second half of 2018, DG Jump will be conducting various PR events for individual and group members in connection with the Daegu Chimaec Festival, Daegu Hiphop Festival, and Daegu Youth Week. These promotional events are not only for the enjoyment of existing DG Jump visitors, but also encourage increased membership.

m  Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin said of the platform, “Many young people want to participate in funded projects or community activities but often give up simply because they do not know where to start. I hope that the young people of Daegu can use DG Jump to find the project or support they need and participate in various activities. I hope that DG Jump can become a healthy arena of communication where Daegu’s young citizens can foster their abilities.”