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Start of Dongseong-ro Regular Nighttime Outdoor Performances 2018
Division name
Date of registration
대구시 ( T. 120)

‘Oh Yeah Concert’ featuring monthly themes

The Dongseong-ro Regular Nighttime Outdoor Performances 2018 will run from June 20 until October 5 at the Dongseong-ro Outdoor Stage (in front of Daegu Department Store). The concert series features a total of 15 performances representing a diverse range of cultural content.



m  Daegu Metropolitan City has held the Dongseong-ro Regular Nighttime Outdoor Performances program since 2015 as part of its efforts to expand the city’s offerings of cultural resources and revitalize the local performing arts industry. The regular performances not only give Daegu citizens and tourists easy access to cultural events but also provide local artists with an invaluable opportunity to showcase their unique abilities. 

m  The regular nighttime outdoor performances are not limited to a single artistic genre but rather offer a wide range of genres (musical, non-instrumental music, dance, traditional Korean music, instrumental music, etc.). As a representative local performing arts event, Dongseong-ro Regular Nighttime Outdoor Performances has been highly popular with local residents for the past three years.

m  The 2018 Dongseong-ro Regular Nighttime Outdoor Performances will be supervised by the local culture & arts organization, Free Soul (CEO: Song Seong-hun), and will run from June 20 (Wed) until October 5 (Fri). A total of 15 performances will be featured this season, with one performance held each week. With participation by over 50 local performing arts teams from different genres, this year’s lineup has something for everyone.

m  Free Soul is the organizer of the ‘Oh Yeah Concert’, which will run under a different theme each month.

- (June) Youth Green Concert (Charging the Energy of the Youth) 

- (July) Hot Pink Summer (Love Songs to Heat Up the Summer!)

- (August) Cool Summer (Refreshing Entertainment to Stave off the Heat) 

- (September) Yellow Youth TokTok (Giving Strength to the Youth) 

- (October) Falling in Art

m  The opening performance for the 2018 series will take place on June 20 (Wed) from 7:30 pm to 9 pm. During this 90-minute performance, four teams (including one percussion team) will take the stage to showcase their unique talents. The performance will begin with a Nanta-style fusion Korean music performance and will be followed by an emotionally-stimulating classical opera, dynamic professional dance routine featuring popular music, and an exciting performance by a rock band. 

m  Director Han Man-su of Daegu City Hall’s Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau said, “The Dongseong-ro Regular Nighttime Outdoor Performances allow citizens to easily access sophisticated cultural content and provide local artists of many different genres to showcase their abilities. Daegu Metropolitan City will do its best to establish this wonderful cultural resource as one of our city’s most representative forms of performing arts content.”