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Name the new Daegu Library!
Division name
Date of registration
대구시 ( T. 120)

Contest duration: June 14-July 6 / submissions accepted via the Daegu Metropolitan City website

Daegu Metropolitan City will be holding a contest to name the new Daegu Library, scheduled to open July 2021. The contest, which will be open to the public, aims to promote the library as a space created together with Daegu citizens.

Three-dimensional rendering of the winning design for the Daegu Library


m  The contest will run for three weeks from June 14 (Thu) through July 6 (Fri). Anyone who is interested in submitting a name for the Daegu Library (temporary name) is welcome to participate. The Daegu Library will play a key role in the community as a manger of local libraries and provide citizens with an integrated cultural space. Each name submission must include the proposed library name and an explanation of how the name best fits the public library’s founding goals. Each name must also be unique and have symbolic value.

m  Library names may be submitted via the Daegu Metropolitan City website ( The library’s new name will officially be announced on August 1 after a popularity survey and deliberation by an expert committee. The top three submissions will be selected to receive KRW 1 million worth of culture vouchers.

m  The Daegu Library will be constructed on what is currently the heliport of Camp Walker (the ownership of which was recently returned back to the South Korean government) in Nam-gu (67-2, Daemyeong-dong vicinity).The building, which will have a total floor area of 14,350 square meters, will consist of one underground level and four above-ground levels and include various resource rooms (General Resource Room, Children’s Resource Room, Daegu Resource Room, Multimedia Zone) as well as a preservation room, multi-purpose auditorium, conference room, lecture rooms, group study room, exhibition room, book café, and cafeteria.

m  The remainder of the Camp Walker lot, which was isolated from the rest of the city for the past 60 years due to the US military presence, will be transformed into a park. The combination of the urban park and library is expected to provide citizens not only with ideal places to read, but will also serve as a central meeting place for the local community and a comprehensive cultural space.

m  An architectural design contest for the Daegu Library was held in the second half of 2017; Haenglim Architects won the contest and is now overseeing the library’s architectural design and construction. The Kyungpook National University’s Industrial-Academic Cooperation Group is conducting various studies for the drafting of a basic operational plan that will establish an effective library management system and provide high-quality library services to Daegu citizens.

Director Jin Gwang-sik of Daegu City Hall’s Citizen Happiness & Education Bureau said, “The new Daegu Library will become a managerial hub for local libraries and a leading institution in encouraging citizens to read. As a center of knowledge and data, the library will provide citizens with a wide variety of library services and serve as an incubator of research in Daegu. I hope that many Daegu citizens actively participate in the Daegu Library naming contest.”