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Daegu travel guide to offer enhanced tour experience for Japanese FITs
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대구시 ( T. 120)

First travel guide exclusively on Daegu to be published in Japan

Weekend Travel in Daegu: 48 Ways to Enjoy Daegu’s Attractions, the first book dedicated to Daegu tourism and written by a Japanese travel writer, was published in Japan on February 21.


Weekend Travel in Daegu: 48 Ways to Enjoy Daegu’s Attractions

m  Weekend Travel in Daegu: 48 Ways to Enjoy Daegu’s Attractions is a travel guide exclusively on Daegu that was written by Japanese travel writer Yasuda Ryoko. The book offers fun and easy-to-read explanations, accompanied by photos and illustrations, of how to enjoy Daegu through 48 different themes. It is expected to be a useful tool particularly for Japanese FITs* traveling to Daegu.
FIT: “free independent traveler,” referring to travelers who are not part of a group or package tour


m  The book’s author, a Japanese travel writer who goes by the pen name “Yasuda Ryoko,” is a woman from Kobe who currently resides in Hyogo Prefecture. Besides being an author, Yasuda is also the CEO of a guidebook publishing company. Becoming fascinated with Korea after her first visit in 1998, Yasuda later went on to specialize in Korea with her travel writing, publishing seven guidebooks on the country as of 2015, with a focus on Seoul.


m  Yasuda first visited Daegu in 2002. In the ensuing years, she re-visited many times over, captivated by the city’s attractions so much that she found it impossible to stay away. She used her experiences and photos of Daegu that she accumulated over multiple trips to create the first-ever travel guidebook on Korean provincial cities that showcases the city (hard/softcover, 112 pages).


m  The book lets readers in on how best to enjoy all that Daegu has to offer. Each of the 48 themes (including introduction to Daegu, transportation, events/festivals, cafés, food, food streets, historical streets, hands-on experiences, nightscape, shopping, nature, and nearby tourist attractions) includes a wealth of interesting details. Each venue/destination is accompanied by photographs, a description of its major features, the address, contact information, transportation details and even (when relevant) illustrated maps—making it easy for independent travelers to find their way around the city.


m  From February 22 through 26, Daegu Metropolitan City participated in the Hokkaido Travel Expo held in Sapporo (a non-stop flight destination from Daegu). Together with the Medical Tourism division, Daegu Metropolitan City manned a PR booth, where it conducted a variety of activities (Daegu tourism & information session for local travel agencies, B2B consulting, a tourism seminar, and sales calls) with the aim of opening a new market in Japan. Yasuda presided over the “Daegu Tourism Seminar,” encouraging local residents to visit Daegu through an informal presentation of her own travel experiences.


m  Director Han Man-su of Daegu City Hall’s Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau stated, “We are very grateful to Ms. Ryoko Yasuda for her genuine interest in our city and for publishing a travel guide that is based on her first-hand experiences in Daegu. Daegu Metropolitan City continues to value our personal networks with on and offline tourism influencers such as foreign travel writers and power bloggers, and actively promotes their writings on Daegu in other countries through books and social media. These materials are especially helpful for independent travelers. Daegu Metropolitan City will continue to promote books at promotional information sessions, seminars and online events to attract more foreign tourists to the city.”