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New Year’s Event at Seomun Night Market for People Visiting Their Hometown of Daegu
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대구시 ( T. 120)

Various cultural events, including performances and cultural experience programs, for families will be held at the market from February 16 (Fri) to 18 (Sun), 2018.


Daegu Metropolitan City will host various cultural performances and experience programs at Seomun Night Market to celebrate the Lunar New Year, welcome people visiting their hometown of Daegu for the holiday, and create a welcoming and meaningful space for people to get together and have fun.

m  Seomun Night Market offers various events and experience programs for families and their loved ones visiting their hometown of Daegu for the Lunar New Year holiday.

m  Major events include a family karaoke (noraebang) event where more than two family members come on stage and sing together, a yut game with gifts for participating customers with receipts for purchases of over KRW 10,000 made at the night market, and special cultural performances by local artists, including popera and fusion gugak (Korean traditional music) performances and magic and puppet shows.

m  Seomun Night Market received more than one million visitors from all over the country and the world during last year’s Chuseok holidays. It attracts young people in particular with its offering of fusion cuisine, daily permanent cultural performances, and entertainment zones with various experience programs.

m  Seomun Hanok Guesthouse, which opened near the night market last November, is recording high occupancy rates, with 323 groups (comprising 1,168 people) currently holding room reservations. Having been selected as a “Star of Korean Tourism,” Seomun Night Market is fast becoming a tourist destination that attracts long-term visitors.

m  Sin Gyeong-seop, head of the Job Creation Headquarter of Daegu Metropolitan City, commented, “The purpose of this event is to allow everyone to enjoy Korea’s unique culture on the occasion of our people’s biggest national holiday. We hope that people will come in the evening, after performing the ancestral rites with their families, to enjoy the performances and traditional games we offer.”

Visit the official website of Seomun Night Market ( for more details on the event.