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Wang hong introduce Daegu via live broadcasts
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대구시 ( T. 120)

Promoting the best of Daegu, such as its beauty and wedding tourism industries, to 30 million Chinese viewers!

In response to the rapidly increasing influence of the social media marketing activities of China’s wang hong, Daegu Metropolitan City has begun employing wang hong to encourage more Chinese tourists to visit Korea.

*Wang hong (網紅), an abbreviated version of wang luo hong ren (網絡紅人), is a neologism that means “Internet star” or “Internet celebrity.” With extremely broad exposure to the general public through live Internet broadcasts and social networks such as Weibo and WeChat, wang hong are often active in the areas of e-commerce and advertising and marketing.

m  Daegu Metropolitan City and the Daegu Tourism Bureau invited four wang hong to Daegu on two separate occasions (December 3-6 and 14-15). Daegu’s most famous local foods, shopping at Dongseong-ro, Seomun Night Market, and other tourist attractions popular with young people were featured by the wang hong in online postings and live Internet broadcasts, providing an incredible boost to the city’s efforts to promote its tourism assets.

m  Qi Qi (七七), one of the four invited wang hong, with approximately 1.7 million followers of her live broadcasts, introduced Daegu with a focus on beauty and fashion. Xiong Da Da (炟炟), a regular guest on Hunan Satellite TV (a popular entertainment broadcast that also serves as a promotional channel for tourism bureaus of Korea and other foreign countries), introduced major tourist attractions in Daegu.

m  Qi Qi and Xiong Da Da focused on Song Hye-gyo as the key concept of their trip, engaging in beauty and wedding photo experiences that they entitled “Become as Beautiful as Song Hye-gyo in Her Hometown of Daegu” and “Imitate Song Hye-gyo and Song Jung-ki.” The live broadcast of Qi Qi’s beauty experience was immensely popular, garnering a viewership of 6.4 million. Afterwards, Qi Qi said, “I thought Seoul was the only city in Korea that offered wedding package experiences, but this trip showed me that you can enjoy beauty and wedding experiences in Daegu as well, and for very competitive prices—which is the aspect that my followers seemed to focus on the most!”

m  The wang hong’s dynamic live broadcasts about various aspects of Daegu immediately resulted in a flood of requests for more details (such as “I want to visit Daegu during Chinese New Year!” and “Please give us more information about Daegu”), showing Daegu’s great appeal to Chinese citizens. Having raised awareness of Daegu tourism among the Chinese people, these broadcasts are expected to increase the number of individual (non-tour group) tourists visiting the city.

m  From December 3 to 6, two other wang hong, Liu Wen Wen and Qing Qing, who have a combined total of one million followers, spent some time in Daegu. They created a total of 30 postings, including live broadcasts that were watched by 16.7 million people. With a cumulative total of 30 million viewers in the month of December alone, significant progress was made in promoting Daegu tourism to Chinese citizens.

m  Director Park Dong-sin of Daegu City Hall’s Tourism Division said, “Inviting influential wang hong to Daegu to promote our city greatly increased awareness of Daegu among young Chinese people, who are aggressive users of online and mobile media. In the future, we plan to continue using a wide range of online and offline media to promote Daegu’s many attractions and attract even more tourists to the city.”