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Daegu becomes first city in Korea to publish local festival-themed calendar
Division name
Date of registration
대구시 ( T. 120)

Daegu Tourism Bureau begins full-scale promotion of Daegu festivals for Koreans and foreigners

Daegu’s new calendar features a total of 64 festivals and events that represent the city, including the Chimaek Festival (No. 1 in search word ranking), Daegu International Musical Festival, and Daegu International Opera Festival. These events have been gaining even greater attention with Daegu’s recent inclusion in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

m  Part of Daegu Metropolitan City’s effort to develop local festival-related tourism products, the festival calendar has been printed in five languages (Korea, English, Japanese, and traditional and simplified Chinese) and will be distributed to domestic and overseas travel agencies as well as any other venues or institutions capable of helping promote Daegu tourism, including tourism information centers and overseas KTO offices.

m  Distribution of the calendar will be linked to the Daegu Tourism Bureau’s support program for outstanding tourism products. Under this program, each Daegu festival will be promoted and marketed through domestic and overseas tourism expos, B2B travel shows, overseas tourism information sessions, and domestic and foreign sales calls. Through cooperation with festival host institutions and domestic and foreign travel agencies, more efforts will be made to attract as many tourists to Daegu as possible.

m  Director Kim Jeong-hwan of the Korean Festival Culture Institute said, “I’ve seen several examples of such festival calendars in different parts of Japan, but this is the first time I’ve seen one in Korea. The printing of a calendar of festivals and events will be of significant help in attracting tourists to Daegu.”

m  Daegu Tourism Bureau CEO Oh Yong-su said, “To the staff responsible for hosting festivals and events, we always explain that in developing event-related products, the event itinerary must be finalized and promoted at least nine months beforehand in order to attract tourists. However, few organizations are aware of the importance of this. Going forward, we will continue our efforts to develop products and support systems related to Daegu festivals and improve the general perception of festival preparation.”

m  * The 2018 Daegu festival and event calendar is now available for download on the Daegu Tourism Bureau website ( Festival details will be updated regularly to ensure that the information provided is correct.