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Daegu, a popular destination for foreign athletes’ off-season training
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대구시 ( T. 120)

Foreign Taekwondo and table tennis athletes visit Daegu for off-season training


<Athletes from Uzbekistan and the Korea Gas Corporation>


Twenty Taekwondo athletes from Uzbekistan visited Daegu for off-season training for 13 days starting from November 9. And nine athletes from the Da Nang City of Vietnam table tennis youth team visited Daegu for off-season training for seven days starting from November 21.

○ Uzbekistan’s Taekwondo team chose Daegu in Korea, Taekwondo’s country of origin, as their city for training because it offers a set training schedule and training site arranged by the Daegu Taekwondo Association (President: An Jong-su).

○During their training period, the Uzbek team engaged in matches with Taekwondo athletes from the Korea Gas Corporation, Suseong-gu, Gangbuk High School, Kyeongsang Technical High School, and Hyupsung High School. These matches allowed the Uzbek team to further sharpen their skills and learn Korean techniques. Besides training, the visiting athletes also had the chance to tour many attractions in the area and experience the culture and history of Daegu City.

○ Akmal Irgashev, Coach of the Uzbek team said, “Engaging in collaborative training with the competitive teams of Daegu has helped us a lot, and we truly appreciate the hospitality and care of Daegu City.”

○ The Da Nang City youth table tennis team also visited Daegu and conducted joint training with the table tennis team from Simin High School (Principal Mun Jeong-uk). The Vietnamese team had been in contact with Daegu City since July to arrange the training session. In addition to completing their tight training schedule, the team also visited tourist destinations in Daegu on the first and last day of their trip.

○ Last March, Daegu was also visited by a non-professional softball team from Japan (12 people), and last May, Malaysia’s national shooting team (23 athletes) stayed in Daegu for a 20-day training session.

○ These frequent visits to Daegu by foreign athletes for training purposes have invigorated the area’s sports facilities, restaurants, accommodation facilities, and tourist agencies.

○ Han Man-su, Director General of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Daegu Metropolitan City said, “Daegu City is dedicated to providing superior training facilities for foreign athletes visiting Daegu, thereby promoting the Daegu city brand and invigorating the local economy.”